Sage CRM

Empowering Your Company with Sage CRM

Many continue to believe CRM (Customer Relationship Management) software is simply a sales tool. But it is much more. With Sage CRM you can connect multiple departments to a single, constantly updated database enabling your company to adopt a customer-centric model to drive loyalty, service excellence, cross-selling opportunities, profits, and so much more.


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An award-winning, on-line Customer Relationship Management system, Sage CRM is a premium facility that offers instant ‘need to know’ access and usage for all parts of your business.

Sage CRM works through an internet browser, taking full advantage of the flexibility of the web to facilitate on-premises or remote access at all times. Easy to use and tailor to your specific requirements, Sage CRM can be integrated into all aspects of your organisation, helping to ensure that all of your departments and individual personnel are working efficiently towards a common goal.

With Sage CRM, integrated into Sage 200 or Sage 50 and Sage 50c, your employees can:

  • Easily access customer data (including past invoices, statements, credit status, orders, and histories) to better serve those customers.

  • Instantly assign and receive critical actions (such as emergency customer service) to best serve customer requirements and maximise goodwill.

  • Easily update customer data, together with action items and their status, for follow-up

  • Create service logs during field visits. Track hours worked, products used, and update the central database instantly for management review – and quick invoicing.

  • Leverage all data to effectively cross-sell your specific products / services into appropriate market verticals.

The web-based nature of Sage CRM makes it easy to update in line with your changing needs, as all data and customisations will move with you.

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Sage CRM maximises the efforts of your personnel—it is effectively a ‘team leader’, harnessing individual and combined efforts throughout and across sales, marketing and support departments, and making people, groups and departments more efficient in pursuit of the overall business goal.

Sage CRM Modules

The Sage CRM Modules include Sales; Marketing; Customer Care; and all can be seamlessly integrated with Sage 200 accounts in the Sage 200 Suite. This will eliminate the need for double entry into accounts software, as well as enabling immediate access to the financial status of customers, and instant generation of orders, quotations and invoices.

Sage CRM Sales

Sage CRM Sales helps you to maximise sales performance, offering your sales people swift and easy access to vital information.

Sage CRM Sales provides hourly and daily updates on your sales team’s performance. Operating to sales and lead processes defined by you, the system will help to organise teams, and schedule calls and meetings.

The Sage CRM Sales module will maximise your most promising leads and opportunities by tracking clients from first contact to closure, helping you to ensure that appropriate time and energy will be spent on clients who are likely to close.

Sage CRM Sales will integrate your sales and client information with marketing, instantly creating cross-selling and up-selling possibilities.

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Sage CRM Customer Care

Sage CRM Customer Care

Sage CRM Customer Care provides you with a record of every customer interaction, as well as offering your customers 24/7 web access to their own customer portals via your company’s website.

Sage CRM Customer Care provides live information on all of your customers, as well as offering each of your customers a platform for logging queries and viewing the status of their requests.

This module of Sage CRM will help you to track turnaround time, enabling you to measure transactions and understand which requests are taking longer to resolve and why.

Sage CRM Customer Care will boost your own employees’ satisfaction, as the system’s provision of the correct and up-to-date information will facilitate efficient customer care, ultimately maximizing your company’s customer satisfaction rating.

View the Customer Service Datasheet for more information or click the video to learn more.

Sage CRM Service Module

Does your business employee field sales and / or service staff? Are they using docket books to fulfill Sales Orders or for completing Service Reports? How long does it take before that docket becomes an invoice in your client’s hand?

Using DB Computer’s Service module, Sage CRM will help you to improve your cash flow by giving you control over how quickly an invoice can be generated on completion of a sales order / docket.

As Sage CRM can be accessed via browser, which means using any smart mobile device, your employee can access many customizable layouts which will allow them to capture all information on site, record a signature and email a PDF of the completed document direct to the client before leaving their premises. You can even generate a Sales Order / Invoice real time for your accounting staff to review before mailing to your customer. This means that you will be able to maximize customer goodwill and loyalty with a quick, efficient sales and delivery service.

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Sage 200 Suite Integration

Sage CRM seamlessly integrates with Sage 200 accounts within the Sage 200 Suite. This will eliminate the need for double entry into accounts software, as well as enabling immediate access to the financial status of customers, and instant generation of orders, quotations and invoices.

Integrated with Sage 200 accounts, Sage CRM enables the completion of transactions by telephone, using one CRM system. Users will be able to see the status of all customer orders and invoices, and also see which customers are on credit stop.

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Sage 50 Integration

As with Sage 200, Sage CRM also integrates with Sage 50. Now your remote staff can access and raise Sales or Purchase Orders on the fly via your web browser. Every business needs to have a good understanding of customers in tough market conditions, but to work efficiently it is vital to have the right systems in place to avoid time wasting tasks that involve data duplication. With integration to your accounts, you no longer need to duplicate data between your accounts and CRM system.

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