A DB Computer Solutions Summer Special

I.T. Managed Services

A DB Computer Solutions Summer Special

Protecting Your Most Critical Assets

For most companies, I.T. infrastructure and the applications they support work at the heart of both large and small enterprises. Downtime caused by technical faults, malicious attacks, or lack of data availability can severely impact a business’s roadmap to success.

Customer service, sales, finance, accounting, and much more can be put at risk. Don’t believe it? Think what would happen if – when least expected – all your customer data including invoices, orders, and histories was not available. How long could you survive?

Focusing on Ireland’s SMEs to Keep You Up and Running

DB Computer Solutions delivers IT Managed Services from DB Computer Solutions specifically for small- to medium-sized Irish businesses.

If you’re looking for a dependable, affordable method to keep your critical IT systems and applications up and running, we hope you’ll talk to us.

  • Cost-effective: affordable nation-wide support meets your exact budget requirements

  • Dependable: our stringent SLAs keep you up and running for high systems availability

  • Quick response: 9 out of 10 support calls resolved in 2 hours or less

  • Mitigating disaster: protect your infrastructure and data from the ever-increasing threat of Ransomware, Malware, Denial of Service, and similar malicious attacks

  • Dedication: a dedicated team of qualified IT engineers lets you sleep at night

  • Menu of services: a menu of dependable services including full hardware and software support, ongoing Data Backup and restore, full Disaster Recovery support, and hardware replacement to keep you up and running if disaster strikes, and

  • A DB Computer Solutions IT Managed Services mission that puts your IT system’s health first.

For more information go to http://www.dbcomp.ie/services/it-managed-services

Or contact us info@dbcomp.ie or phone: 061 480 980

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