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The Challenge

Recently, a mid-sized Irish company made the decision to migrate from a legacy accounting system to innovative Sage 50c. Their rationale was straight-forward: the older system was no longer supported with annual updates and upgrades by its supplier.

To ensure financial accuracy, insight, and compliance, the company demanded a state-of-the-art accounting solution.

This organisation approached DB Computer Solutions. Following a comprehensive proposal and recommendation, the company contracted for a wide-ranging solution. However, it had one over-riding requirement.

“As part of a group of companies, our reporting is critical to the operation of our organisation,” the company’s Financial Controller stated. “Subsequently, no accounting system downtime could be tolerated. We tasked DB Computer Solutions to deliver the tools and support to do just that.”

The Solution: Sage Training from DB Computer Solutions Works Hand-in-Hand

To meet this organisation’s requirements, DB Computer Solutions embarked on a comprehensive programme which included a range of solutions and capabilities:

The Bespoke Sage 50c Training programme, carried out by qualified and experienced Sage Training personnel from DB Computer Solutions, initially drafted a training roadmap to ensure that required staff skill sets were in place prior to Sage 50c launch.

Working closely with company managers, DB Computer Solutions Sage Trainers gained a keen insight into all required tasks carried out by company back office personnel, the type of reports required by company management, and Sage 50c functionalities the company would rely on.

“DB Computer Solutions worked hand-in-hand with our staff to deliver a seamless experience,” the company’s Financial Controller added. “First, they created a Training Scope document based on our unique, critical requirements. Based on this, DB Computer Solutions developed a bespoke Sage Training programme that exactly met our needs.

“This ensured that our staff would be fully trained and ready, and all requirements met, when our new Sage 50c solution went live.”

The Critical Sequence

While DB Computer Solutions engineers deployed Sage 50c and migrated data from the old system, DB Computer Solutions Sage Trainers worked to build knowledge of the new software with relevant company staff.

The company’s Financial department were the first to benefit from Sage Training from DB Computer Solutions. Staff became adept at working with various Sage 50c functionalities and systems including Nominals, Profit & Loss, Balance Sheets, Invoices, and similar.

As this group increased its knowledge base, the company’s Sales and Purchasing Teams were also provided deep, comprehensive training.

Simultaneously, Sage Trainers also set up all financial layouts, while also designing or modifying management report templates to meet the company’s critical group reporting requirements.

The Results

Due to Sage Training from DB Computer Solutions, this company experienced zero accounting system downtime during its transition to Sage 50c.

“The deployment was seamless, with zero downtime,” the Financial Controller recounts.  “DB Computer Solutions met every challenge we gave them.”

  • Coordinated training and solutions deployment – DB Computer Solutions was responsible for every aspect of the company’s Sage 50c deployment. Its integrated support of the company’s migration to new Sage 50c ensured that bespoke Sage Training exactly met this customer’s needs to keep accounting workflows up and running.

  • Seamless productivity – due to Sage Training, company staff were up and running in no time. Deep knowledge of critical Sage 50c functionalities helps staff to significantly increase efficiency, while saving back office resources, compared to the older system.

  • Reporting – is today an efficient, relevant process. Because the company has to report to different departments in its Group, reports have been written to exactly meet those requirements. Sage Training from DB Computer Solutions has provided the company with knowledge and tools which is key to the company’s business. Too, company staff has been trained to create new reports within Sage 50c, if required.

“We are delighted to recommend DB Computer Solutions for bespoke Sage Training,” concluded the Financial Controller. “They have a deep well of knowledge because for over 30 years, DB Computer Solutions have been working with Sage 50, related training, software deployment and data migration, and ongoing support.

“Moreover, they have worked in a wide range of industries, which gave us huge confidence in their abilities.”

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