Achieve Centralized Data Access with Sage CRM from  DB Computer Solutions

Sage CRM from DB Computer Solutions eliminates silos of data; provides centralised access to all customer and prospective customer communications; drives increased sales, customer goodwill and profits; and much more.

Sage CRM delivers access to all customer and prospective customer data via a single, centralised, easy-to-use solution.

Centralised Access for Full Control

  • A Single Place for All Communications –Sage CRM enables users to access every communication – from emails to sales orders; recent customer conversations to promised follow-ups; contracts to service level agreements – wherever they’re stored in your IT system. Sage CRM easily retrieves complete communications histories. Want to locate a customer-specific communication in a hurry? Use Sage CRM.

  • Dispense with Silo’d Systems –company employees can record and store important customer and sales information using a range of methods: from hand-written notes to spreadsheets and Word documents held on computer devices not part of your business’s IT network. Often, digital assets held on ‘silo’d infrastructure’ cannot be tracked or traced, nor easily retrieved. And should an employee leave, that data is often lost forever.

Sage CRM eliminates silos of data. It ensures that all customer and prospect data is easily accessible by any authorised Sage CRM user, from anywhere in your network.

  • Integrate with Sage 50cSage 200c for Increased Productivity – different people within your organisation need different information to work productively. By integrating Sage CRM to your Sage accounts solution, your staff can instantly access relevant customer accounting data such as invoice histories, ordered goods, stock on hand, credit histories, and similar – enabling your business to serve customers better.

  • Increase Field Efficiency –use Sage CRM to streamline field sales and engineering teams to respond quicker and more accurately, with higher service levels.

  • Leverage All Company Resources –Sage CRM enables managers and team leaders to quickly assign tasks across the company, ensuring efficient and timely follow-up for ever-increasing customer goodwill.

  • Future-proofed –with continual upgrades to Sage CRM.

DB Computer Solutions is Ireland’s preeminent Sage CRM provider. Our team of experts can roadmap and deploy Sage CRM to meet your unique requirements.

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