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Supercharging Enterprises with Innovative Enhancements & A New Version


Sage will soon launch its latest version of Sage 200c. New enhancements scheduled for this release include:

  • Integrated GoCardless, PayPal and Stripe – to speed payments, increase cash flow velocities, and maximise back office efficiency

  • Sales Order Processing enhancements

  • Spooler enhancements

  • Document capture

If you’re already a Sage 200 user, why not consider upgrading to this new version? Or if you’re searching for an enterprise-level accounting and management solution to Supercharge your business, we hope you’ll consider this latest version of Sage 200c.

We’ll post more details on this new version as they become available.

See more information on Sage 200c and its enterprise-level hybrid-cloud benefits.


Throughout the past 18 months, DB Computer Solutions has invested heavily to develop a range of integrated applications that address specific workflow / task requirements:

Sage Order Pal

Sage Order Pal is a B2B application that allows your end-customers to place their own self-orders. Your customer simply opens the Order Pal application and places the order which is migrated instantly to Sage 200 for processing, fulfilment, delivery, and invoicing. Sage Order Pal:

  • Fully integrates with Sage 200 / Sage 200c

  • Enhances customer loyalty by increasing customer ‘stickiness’

  • Speeds orders for increased customer service levels

  • Increases back office efficiency and eliminates order-related data re-keying

See more about Sage Order Pal

Sage CRM Portal

The CRM Portal allows your users to log onto CRM and place customer services requests, services call, and enquires – and see the progress of these – all using just one CRM licences.

Sage Barcode

Sage Barcode enables manufacturers, assemblers, or any company using a warehouse environment to never lose stock again. Proven Sage Barcode significantly increases productivity and efficiency. Fully integrated with Sage 200 / Sage 200c, Sage Barcode allows users to:

  • Print barcodes and apply them to parts or other products

  • Scan barcodes and assign each part a specific warehouse location (or point along an assembly process, for instance)

  • Periodically scan the unique part barcode as it moves through any workflow (from delivery to the warehouse all the way to despatch, as an example)

  • All data is instantly communicated to Sage 200 / Sage 200c for instant centralised data access and retention

See more about Sage Barcode

Remote Rep

If you use sales teams in the field, Remote Rep can speed order taking processes. Installed on Tablets, this application enables field sales teams to:

  • Take customer orders at anytime / from anywhere

  • Allows instant access to full customer histories, pricing, and related data

  • Helps to ensure that sales teams maximise all sales opportunities

  • Migrates all order data over the cloud to Sage 200 / Sage 200c for instant processing, fulfilment, despatch, and invoicing

  • Eliminates paper dockets, generates customer goodwill by speeding orders, maximises backoffice efficiency, and improves cash flow

See more about Remote Rep


If you’re a Sage 200 / 200c user, as part of the annual fee you pay for Sage you are entitled to three reports written by Sage UK. You can’t carry these over and must claim them within the year. It’s a ‘use them or lose them’ scenario so please claim your reports soon.


If we can answer questions about the latest Sage 200 release, or any of our new innovative Sage 200 integrated applications, I hope you’ll contact us:                                  Tel: 061 480 980

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