Are you experiencing the benefits of Sage 200 ERP?

At some point in a company’s evolution, there has to be a decision regarding the future direction of the business. At this point, IT infrastructure and business management software, it could be argued, would be high up on the agenda.

So whether you have outgrown spreadsheets, your existing accounts package, or whether your business needs to invest in something new directed by a change in business direction. Or even because you need to facilitate further expansion, or have identified the need to have your manufacturing operation talking to your customer service department, there could be many reasons aside from the benefits of integration, why you may find yourself sat looking at a quotation for some ERP software.

Sage 200 is a fully capable business management system for companies involved in production, manufacturing, job costing, distribution, sales and marketing, reporting, warehousing, accounts and finance, e-commerce, stock control, and so on. Indeed some, or in fact all, of the above.

The industry jargon for this kind of software is ERP, or ‘Enterprise Resource Planning’, and it covers all aspects of the business within an integrated system, which can be accessed by anyone. Employees from different departments can have different customised views on their screens, to process and view pertinent information or perform their relevant tasks.

Each user typically has a licence to access the system, and they are granted levels of permission relevant to their function within the overall organisation.

Core modules within Sage 200 are Commercials, Financials, BOM, Manufacturing, CRM, Retail and Project Accounting. Some of these, such as BOM and CRM, are available as stand-alone modules which can be integrated with Sage 50, by a Sage business partner such as DB Computer Solutions.

Sage 200 2015 Home Screen

Sage 200 for Warehouse management

For steady growth and expansion in a product business, managing the warehouse is of paramount importance. From barcoding of the products (via third party add-on) and the allocation of stock, everything can be automated and properly managed within SAGE 200.

Several processes are performed simultaneously at the warehouse, i.e barcoding, reporting, management of the stock etc. The need for a flexible solution that automates each and every process is quite evident.

Indeed, the flexibility of SAGE 200 sets it apart from other ERP solutions as it can easily adapt to the requirements of different businesses, irrespective of the size and type. The businesses who have implemented it can vouch for its efficiency and ability to handle multiple warehouse and stock.

Sage 200 for Reporting

Customized reports can be created and viewed within Sage for all levels of the business.

Effectively, since data is captured, processed and stored, it can be manipulated in various ways.

For example, at department level, sales managers may want to view which reps are performing at their best, which products are selling most, and which have the greatest margins.

This kind of functionality is interwoven in an ERP system for accessing and managing crucial business related data.

Similarly, company directors may be seeking reports at a departmental level, and again, this kind of information can be collated, viewed and reported upon according to what KPI’s and CPI’s the key decision makers in the business wish to view.

Sage 200 for Manufacturing

One crucial aspect or component in manufacturing is Bill of Materials (or BOM).

Ideal for companies who perform a manufacturing process within an overall series of functions and operations, and who need to track and manage stock, then assign it to a job, or create a product, Sage 200 can provide a comprehensive and adequate system for traceability, where batch codes and individual product codes may be created.


SAGE 200 Manufacturing: The key features

Sage 200 for Customer Service, and Marketing (Sage CRM)

Sage CRM is an award-winning software solution for companies looking to deploy and utilise a system for tracking and managing all aspects of client communications.

Sage 200 comes with a standard user license for CRM, and additional licenses may be purchased and added. These allow for additional users and are compatible, as and when required. Sage CRM has become an invaluable resource for, in particular, customer service, sales, and marketing departments.


SAGE 200 is a complete business-wide software package. Implementing it, you get an ERP solution that handles finance, business logic as well as customer relationship management.

You are able to have control on each and every system and all the data of your enterprise. Offering an exceptional service to the customers is possible only when there is an effective channel between you and your consumers. With SAGE 200, you can communicate with your customers and also monitor the service performance.

The sales, finance, marketing and manufacturing departments need to be aware of the stock of the products. For instance, a sales team cannot sell a product if the marketing team is not campaigning for it and the product is not in stock. If a product is not in stock, the manufacturing department needs to be aware of it so that it can manufacture or procure the item(s). The finance team also must be aware of the manufacturing requirements so that, it can release the funds. SAGE 200 will interlink all the relevant departments by its software system so that the enterprise runs smoothly and with much greater insight.

Sage 200 is a complete software solution which is simple yet flexible to the requirements of your business. You are empowered to manage the customers and your finances in a more efficient manner and thus run a more insightful business.

With SAGE 200, you are in a better position to exercise full control on your business and ensure that the different departments of the business are aware of each other.

Visibility is enhanced on all aspects of stock location, inventory management and purchasing, and as a result, better productivity of each department is facilitated, culminating in an increased ROI.

E-Commerce and website platforms can also be facilitated via 3rd party Data Exchange solution.

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