Automating Supplier Invoice Processing for Savings and Profits

InShip from DB Computer Solutions:
Automating Supplier Invoice Processing for Savings and Profits

InShip from DB Computer Solutions has been described as a game changer. This system delivers a host of Accounts Payable information to users, increases payment accuracy, and speeds the entire process for greater productivity. Users of InShip often experience a huge increase in back office efficiency, enabling them to redeploy staff to other, more profitable, value-added tasks.

For more information, please have a look at the InShip Video. And to see how you can benefit, please review our InShip use case study.

If your company is processing supplier invoices manually, InShip is designed to transform the functions of the AP workflow from what is often a cumbersome manual process, to an online facility for efficient processing and back-office cost savings.


InShip delivers many benefits which companies will find useful. Here are only a few:

  1. Up to 80% cost savings compared to manual processes.
  2. Greater accuracy, ensuring you pay only what you owe to suppliers.
  3. Price Watch notifies you if a supplier increases their price.
  4. Click Google for Additional Product Information: just click on an invoice line and you get the Google search results for that product, for insight and comparison.
  5. Automated Statement Reconciliation increases accuracy and efficiency by automatically detecting issues between statements and invoices.
  6. Automatically forwards supplier invoices to the right person in your business for review and approval, no matter where they are.
  7. Seven years data storage reduces physical paper storage costs.
  8. Significant increases in back-office efficiency and productivity, with a beneficial ROI.
  9. Fully integrated with Sage accounting software, InShip minimises data double-entry and increases accuracy.

The graph below highlights time savings / increased efficiency of moving to InShip:

AP Automation

Users of InShip discover that the cost of this robust online solution is 80% less than manual costs due to resulting efficiency, accuracy, and reduction in ‘hard costs’. Those seemingly inexpensive activities like opening supplier invoices, scanning them, uploading them, storing them – all those costs add up to an approximate  manual processing cost of €4.00 per item.

Compare that to InShip at less than 35 cent per item.

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P.S. Do please take a look at the outstanding benefits of InShip found in our InShip Video and InShip use case study.

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