Bank Reconciliation for Sage 50c from DB Computer Solutions

Sage 50c

Bank Reconciliation for Sage 50c from DB Computer Solutions:
Automate for incredible savings

Bank reconciliation is one of those monthly tasks most back-office staff dislike. Usually a thankless chore, someone in your organisation must match every single statement line item with the appropriate creditor or invoice payments. No matter how you do it, the process is often frustrating, gruelling and time-consuming. And if there’s an error, you could spend hours searching for it to make it all balance.

Automated Bank Reconciliation for Sage 50c

Automated Bank Reconciliation dispenses with the need for manual or semi-manual processes. And it’s easy…

  • Bank Reconciliation is fully integrated with Sage 50c. Set up your bank feeds and away you go!
  • Bank statement transactions are automatically imported into Sage 50c. The Sage accounting software does the rest by quickly matching creditor and debtor transactions to the bank statement.

Yes, there are a few more processes involved. You’ll have to ensure that all creditor and debtor items have been entered into the accounting system prior to conducting the reconciliation. Too, certain charges (such as Bank Charges) that don’t exist in your accounting software’s reconciliation list will have to be manually inputted.

The Benefits

  • Automatic Bank Reconciliation saves up to 80% of the direct cost, and up to 8 hours on average, compared to manual reconciliation processes
  • Reduces human error
  • Fully secure
  • Often, Bank Reconciliation is available at no extra cost to Sage 50c subscribers

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