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Companies operating in today’s business environment often demand deeper, more relevant data to pivot quickly in light of new challenges. DB Computer Solutions works with our customers to integrate BI tools which accesses Sage Accounting solutions data in real-time, allowing users to spot trends and interrogate even further.
By integrating Panintelligence or Microsoft’s Power BI business intelligence platforms with Sage accounting software, users gain access to ‘at-a-glance’ dashboards, as well as relevant reports, for greater business insight.


Panintelligence for Sage, including pi for Sage 50 / 50c and pi for Sage 200 / 200c, helps businesses dive deep into Sage Accounts Data.


  • Panintelligence is a 3-in-1 embedded business intelligence app with Self-Serve Predictive Analysis, Dashboards & Reporting
  • Delivers industry-leading BI analytics without the high-cost burden
  • Improves decision-making and problem-solving by mining live, up-to-date data
  • Uncovers trends to maximise sales and increase operating efficiencies
  • Speeds up reporting and provides instant charts and graphs
  • Joins up multiple data sources, for instance: Sales, Finance, Stock, CRM
  • Spots business opportunities in Sage Accounts data for greater agility in a competitive, unusual business environment

Microsoft Power Bi

Microsoft Power BI (Business Intelligence) is a collection of software services, apps, and connectors that work together to turn your data into immersive and interactive insights. Power BI lets you easily connect to your data sources, discover what's important, and share that with anyone you want.

Power BI consists of:

    • The Power BI Desktop, which is a Microsoft Windows desktop application used to create reports and dashboards.
    • The Power BI service, which is used to view reports and dashboards.
    • Mobile Power BI appsthat are available on Windows phones and tablets, and also on Apple iOS and Google Android devices.

Typically, most people who work with business intelligence will use Power BI Desktop to create reports and dashboards, and then use the Power BI service to share these reports with others. If you are only viewing the shared reports, you only need the Power BI service.


Roveel is a BI application that transforms Sage 50 and Sage 50c data into vibrant, easy-to-use dashboards that are accessible from any smart device. Save hundreds of hours by diving deeper with drill-down functionality, data visualisations and a variety of business dashboards for instant visibility and real results.

  • A wide range of insights – into cash, credit control, profit & loss, balance sheet, purchases, sales, customers, products, suppliers
  • Plug n Play – in five minutes, connect to an extensive library of vibrant pre-made dashboards
  • Instant Access – via the cloud to your Sage 50 / 50c data from any browser
  • Fast and Reliable – no more managing clunky Excel spreadsheets
  • Customisable – a custom dashboard service tailored to each business
  • Simple – no training required. A platform designed for everyone
  • Low Cost

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