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Cloud Computing is the talk of the IT world. Attend any IT convention or talk to anyone even remotely connected to IT and Cloud Computing will be a hot topic of conversation. DB Computer Solutions can help you with your journey to Cloud Computing.

You may think that your business can’t benefit from Cloud Computing. But you could be wrong. DB Computer Solutions provides a wide range of solutions that enable you to leverage the benefits of Cloud Computing innovation. At a cost you can afford.

What’s Cloud Computing?

Good question. And the IT industry still hasn’t agreed on a single definition. Gartner defines Cloud Computing as “a style of computing in which scalable and elastic IT-enabled capabilities are delivered as a service using Internet technologies.” Other organisations see it as a method to fully utilise all available computing resources even when those resources are located hundreds of miles from each other (often called federated systems). Whatever it is, Cloud Computing is changing the way users interact with applications, services, and infrastructure, and how services are delivered.

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