Data Backup and Recovery from DB Computer Solutions

Data Backup and Recovery from DB Computer Solutions

Part of our 2018 Summer Special

Are you concerned about the possibilities of malicious attack? Do you worry that criminals could destroy critical data and applications that are vital to you and your customers?

If so, we hope you’ll relax this summer by protecting your data and applications with Data Backup and Recovery from DB Computer Solutions.

Is Your Business IT Infrastructure and Data at Risk?

In the event of a malicious, concerted attack:

Your vital business data will be destroyed. Critical operating workflows will be interrupted. Data that drives accounting, finance, manufacturing, customer services, and other critical operations will be wiped clean. And you could be held to Ransom for thousands of euro by global criminals.

DB Computer Solutions can help your company mitigate the nightmare of an attack.

Our Backup, Data Protection, and Disaster Recovery solutions protect your most valuable data assets in the event of malicious intrusion.  Our Veeam capabilities ensure vital Virtual Machines remain always available even in the face of vicious attacks.

Additionally, our experienced IT Managed Services teams can advise you on how to prepare for the worst, while also getting the most out of your IT systems and applications.

To protect your data contact DB Computer Solutions.  Go to for more information.

Or contact us now:  Tel: 061 480 980, Email:

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