“Deal with the Real” – Authenticity in IT Services to SME’s

Aside from the usual pitfalls, hazards and daily struggles of being an Irish SME, here at DB Computers we have a proven track record of helping when it comes to advising small to medium size enterprises. In fact, at least twenty years’ experience.

Particularly when lending our expertise when it comes to implementing and deploying technology solutions.

Except we don’t really sell technology solutions.

When we think about it, what we actually sell is peace of mind.

And the driver for the SME owner, when it comes to choosing DB for reliability, and professional support, is authenticity.

db bpi

Indeed, the reality behind the buzz-phrase of “Business Process Improvement” is hard work, long hours, dedicated staff who value the ethos of the company as well as the need for personal development and improvement of skills, not to mention the drive for continued efficiencies.

In order to deliver better customer service, more clients, increased profits, and an attitude that can expand to embrace the changing landscape of technologies available, we can lend upon our experience and consultancy and advise our clients upon when and where best to invest.

In some cases you might realise that spreadsheets have brought you so far, but the time is nearly ready to implement a CRM System, because there is a lack of “call to action” or prompting of action in spreadsheets, and unless you can remember everything, you will sometimes be so busy between meetings and staff issues that you might forget to make certain calls or chase jobs or in some cases just update the spreadsheets!

Or you may have realised the need to invest in a CRM system, for the very reason that things were falling between the cracks using manual systems, docket books, and spreadsheets, but now you need to customise that system to reflect your workflow process, and train your sales and customer service and administration staff, in how best to use it.

Either way, we can bring our experience and knowledge to the table. real IT

Paperwork can yield regular headaches and even when data capture is automated, then it is often likely that processes can be improved upon. Not just because of human error or miscalculation, but in some cases, data duplication and manually inputting details of a client or a job into more than one system can lead to problems with invoicing and cashflow further down the line.

Our Remote Rep solution can facilitate the capture of sales orders remotely, and feed those directly into your back office to process immediately. No need for docket books or ringing or emailing orders in. And even better still, it can be customised for your reps, to suit your company requirements.

Our Service Module solution has been tried and tested in industries such as facilities management, environmental services, waste management, and security, in order to convert a site callout or a spec or a quotation into workflow document which can then be tracked by other departments in the business from sales, customer service and engineering, through to billing.

Additionally, we have solutions such as Barscan for Sage 50 and Stock Locator for Sage 50 which are products that allow companies to overcome the limitations of an accounts package where the need is there to integrate with accounts and keep stock management and stock control within Sage.

Sage accounts software can be configured to meet your needs as a business owner and you can manage your inventory, plan your purchasing, review your nominal ledger and schedule invoices to be emailed out to clients on a regular cycle.

We also offer peace of mind when it comes to bread and butter IT services. You may just need us on hand to set up a new employee with an email address, or some anti-virus software, or a cost-effective, fast, reliable online backup solution.

We don’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Again, we “deal with the real”. db-ebn-ad

Contact me directly on 061 480980 or email carl@dbcomp.ie for more information.

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And let us know how we can help, if you are looking for sound advice, thorough experience in helping SMEs, and authenticity in how we go about our business of helping your business.

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