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Sage CRM with Sage Accounts

Companies using Sage CRM are benefiting from truly astonishing results. They increase revenues by up to 60%. Increase customer satisfaction by 25%. Increase productivity by 40%.  All because Sage CRM places critical customer data and workflows at the centre of their businesses.

If you want to increase business insight, grasp new opportunities with higher levels of efficiency and productivity, and gain a customer-centric view across your entire organisation, consider Sage CRM from DB Computer Solutions.

DB Computer Solutions seamlessly integrates Sage CRM with Sage 50, Sage 50c, Sage 200 or Sage 200c, enabling your valuable employees to better focus on critical customer requirements.

With Sage CRM deployed across your company, your authorised employees can:

  • Instantly access critical customer details and financial information to deliver quick answers to customer queries

  • Manage vital customer-centric workflows including customer service, logistics, credit control, sales, marketing, R&D and more

  • Gain control of diverse customer services including field sales, engineering, and service teams

  • Create an almost ERP-like environment at a price much less than standard ERP solutions

With Sage CRM you can experience the benefits other Sage CRM customers are enjoying: up to 60% Revenue growth, 25% increase in customer satisfaction, 40% productivity increase, and 60% efficiency increases.

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