Do you want more time for family and friends, and more profits too?

Sage 200cloud with Sage Barcode and Remote Rep gives you the productivity and sales you need to take some needed time off.

Our gut tells us that if we take time off from work for family and friends, we’ll not only enjoy a better home/work life balance but also deliver more productivity (read: profits) to our business.

Recently, Microsoft seems to have proven the point. During a month-long experiment at their Japanese operations, 2300 employees went on a four-day week. The result? A 40% improvement in productivity. Oh – and overheads also fell, resulting in a better bottom line to the company. Unlike Microsoft Japan, however, most of us don’t have the luxury of a four-day work week. We find that we must work as hard as we can because the needs of our businesses – and the customers we serve – fill our lives with day-to-day requirements.

It doesn’t help if our internal processes get in the way. For instance:

If you own a distribution company, or are an assembler, manufacturer, or anyone using a warehouse, life can become even more daunting when your employees can’t find stock to complete orders. Too, your field sales teams might be using manual systems that slow order and customer service processes, eating into time you – and they – would love to spend with friends and family.

However, there’s an answer from DB Computer Solutions.

Sage 200cloud from DB Computer Solutions is the mid-market, hybrid-cloud-powered accounting and management solution designed for companies who want to accelerate growth and sales, while increasing productivity and efficiency. That productivity is increased with a number of add-ons: Integrate Sage 200cloud with Sage Barcode and Remote Rep to track stock, while also enabling field sales teams to easily migrate orders to head office for quick processing.

These systems, working together, dispense with manual systems, reduce double entry, accelerate many internal processes – and work to free up time…. Time you and your employees can use for a better work/home life balance.

If you’re a distributor, assembler, or any company using manual systems to track and manage stock, and want to sell more to unlock more time, integrate Sage 200cloud with Sage Barcode and Remote Rep to do just that. See how:

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