Does Traceability Apply to You?

When you hear the word “traceability”, you immediately think of the food production or pharmaceutical industry, and rightly so.

However, there are numerous peripheral businesses, such as packaging, that require the ability to reproduce batch numbers on their products in order to fulfill their client’s requirements.

Traceability per se can also apply to a number of other sectors and industries, particularly within the Manufacturing industry.

As more and more companies expand internationally, more regulatory mandates place higher expectations and commercial pressures on the businesses themselves. If you are to maintain recalls, quality, manufacturing inefficiencies and cost savings, these mandates rely heavily on traceability.

In other industries, many companies are currently undertaking traceability as best practice.

Any business that requires a dynamic supply chain will need to efficiently recall items all the way back to their delivery point. Depending on your stock, Serial Numbers can also benefit by tracking individual high value items for the purpose of warranties.


By upgrading to Sage 200 Extra, your company can benefit by using the following features:

  • Correct allocation of stock to orders
  • Control stock picking with sell / use by dates
  • Track high value items
  • Actual Cost methodology can be used in conjunction with batch traceability
  • Recall any item back to source

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