Empowering SME’s with Agile Accounting

Sage 50c from DB Computer Solutions
Empowering SME’s with Agile Accounting

Let’s assume you’re a smaller company. You want to grow and increase profits but your present accounting system simply does not have the powerful flexibility or agility you require.

You need methods to save time; to increase efficiency and productivity. Perhaps to implement ERP processes without having to buy systems with an ERP price tag.  In short, you need more from you accounting and management systems than you have but at a price you can afford.

Move to Sage 50c from DB Computer Solutions for Hybrid-Cloud-Powered Agility

Sage 50c from DB Computer Solutions gives you the power to move to the next level. Functions like:

  • Instant remote access to vital reports and data, from anywhere at anytime.
  • Instant collaboration with your accountant, no matter where they are, dispensing with manual systems
  • Instant links to your bank account; record sales and receipts in real time
  • Instant, remote expense capture
  • Instant data backup to secure cloud storage, to protect vital information in the event of a criminally malicious attack
  • Quick data input, and integrated features, saves time and increases productivity
  • Quick integration with powerful applications (Sage CRM, Sage Manufacturing, Sage Payroll, Remote Rep, Sage Barcode, and many others) tailors Sage 50c to your precise vertical requirements

Sage 50c from DB Computer Solutions transforms your business with new agility; new time-saving efficiency; and new methods to do business your way.

For more information go to https://www.dbcomp.ie/products/accounting-software/sage-50/

Or contact us now: info@dbcomp.ie        Tel: 061 480980

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