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Retail is a tough business. Managers desire to maximise profitability by tracking a wide range of data including total sales by product line, margins, special offers, and floor space / facings utilisation. They also require methods to quickly conduct credit card transactions, often online.

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DB Computer Solutions provides integrated Electronic Point of Sale (EPoS) solutions – secure, agile state-of-the-art software designed to meet the demanding retail trading environment. DB Computer Solutions also provides a robust range of hardware including modern touch screen tills, scanners, printers, and related peripherals to meet your precise retail needs. 

EPoS from DB Computer Solutions also includes online payment transaction technologies that are some of the best in their fields. Moreover, software can be fully integrated into a variety of Accounting and ERP solutions from Sage and Pegasus. 

EPoS from DB Computer Solutions is easy to use, fully secure, scalable to grow as you grow – and provides the critical retail data you require to drive profits in your operation.

Out Of The Box Core Functionalities

EPoS from DB Computer Solutions delivers the functionalities you require from the first day of use, enabling you to compete in today’s marketplace:

Speed and Simplicity – clear, concise, intuitive, and easy to use and set-up user interface speeds accurate customer service and reduces till queues.
Fully Customisable / Configurable for On-the-Fly Agility – including multi-level, configurable touch screen Hot Keys. The versatile application platform is designed to meet the ever changing needs of your retail business. Quickly reconfigure to exactly match your new requirements.

Multi-Buys and Promotions – extensive, easy to use engine lets you quickly create bundle deals, product discounts, time/date-based offers, and much more.
Real time and Off Line Capabilities – our system can operate with or without Internet access. Never miss a sale again!
Loyalty Programmes – easily create, manage, and track customer reward programmes to motivate ongoing sales and revenues.

Mobile Sales Flexibility – operate EPoS on tablets and with other mobile hardware devices such as receipt printers, scanners, and Chip and Pin. Maximises point of sale flexibility.
Integrated Chip and Pin – the solution swiftly and securely passes transaction details to PCI-DSS compliant wireless, or fixed, Chip & Pin devices.
Full eCommerce Integration – our EPoS solutions will run seamlessly with many web-based shops.

Intelligent Dashboard – get anytime / anywhere access to your key trading statistics.

Fully Secure Access – permission-based accessibility allows only authorised users to control discounting, refunds, voids, End of Day, and other sensitive Management functions.
Quick Deployment – with secure, robust plug n play technology

Match Your Epos Solution With Robust Hardware

DB Computer Solutions offers robust, state-of-the-art hardware systems tailored to your exact retail requirements.

  • Touch screen tills – fixed and mobile
  • Printers – fixed and mobile
  • Scanners – fixed and mobile
  • Fully scalable – roll out and integrate additional hardware to meet changing demand, when required.

Fully Integrated Accounting Solutions For Efficiency And Insight EPoS from DB Computer Solutions can be integrated with a range of Accounting Solutions:

  • Sage 50 and Sage 50c
  • Sage 200cloud Professional
  • Pegasus Opera II
  • Pegasus Opera 3
  • Nominal Ledgers
  • Sales Ledger Link
  • Stock Control
  • Products and Pricing

By integrating back office accounting solutions with EPoS from DB Computer Solutions, avoid double-entry of data, minimise human error, increase productivity, and maximise your business insight in almost real time.

Speeding Benefits with EPoS from DB Computer Solutions:
  • Speed stock takes
  • Accurately track stock on hand by line item while avoiding stock-outs
  • Increase retail staff efficiency and productivity
  • Maximise profitability and facing utilisation
  • Increase flexibility and agility to meet changing demand
  • Gain deep management insight with full reporting

Consulting, Deployment, And Advice

DB Computer Solutions works closely with our retail customers to understand the exact nature of your business. Armed with that knowledge, we propose cost-effective and robust solutions: by tailoring software with required hardware, accounting systems integration, support and training, we work hard to deliver sensible solutions that make practical sense for your business.

We then work to quickly deploy your DB Computer Solutions EPoS within exacting timeframes. We also provide comprehensive Support, as well as all required Training to help you get the most from your new solution.

For more information on EPoS from DB Computer Solutions, contact us 061-480980 or E-Mail:

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