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Extended Functionalities for Sage

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Extended Functionalities

DB Computer Solutions recommends a wide range of fully integrated applications to deliver additional horsepower to your Sage accounting and business solutions. These add-ons expand the capabilities of users’ Sage software, helping to streamline processes and meet the needs of specific workflows and vertical markets.

Data Exchange – connect multiple, disparate systems to synchronise data flow throughout your organisation

Sales Order Plus – facilitates faster order processing. Easily configurable, process orders 10x faster than legacy systems

Purchase Order Plus – reduces the time taken to enter purchase orders

Warranties, Service and Repairs – delivers full visibility and control over maintenance processes. Perfect for certain verticals, the application schedules and logs engineer
appointments and automates contract renewals

Web Purchase Order Requisitions – expedite approval processes with full control over spending 

These are only some of the Extended Functionalities & add-ons offered by DB Computer Solutions.

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