Flatten the Curve with Remote Working from DB Computer Solutions

As Tánaiste Simon Coveney states: “In order to pull together as a country, now we are asking Irish people to stay apart.”

Social distancing practices, already encouraged by our government, means that people should stay at least 3 feet (or more) away from others in order to minimise the possibility of contracting Covid 19. All we have to do is put this into practice.

Keep Business Operating and Protect Your Employees with Remote Working

Our team have helped many of our customers install and check their business continuity plan with a mixture of VOIP, Security, cloud and remote server solutions.  This, despite half our team already working from home.  We have helped our customers keep their mission-critical software solutions, E-mails and telephones running to help them through this crisis.

With Remote Working from DB Computer Solutions, your company can keep operating, while contributing to your employees’ well-being and our country’s health.

  • Enable employees to log in from anywhere, at anytime, to your critical I.T. applications using M.S. Terminal Server or cloud technologies. At home, or from afar, your team members can still effectively contribute to your business.

  • Connect using available Internet connectivity.

  • VPN or Two-factor authentication is deployed to maximise security.

DB Computer Solutions personnel understand the urgency of your situation, as well as our country’s need. We will work with you to ensure the ongoing health of your business through the timely implementation of a Remote Working solution.

Implement a Remote Working solution now!

To implement a Remote Working solution, contact us now:

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