GDPR Services

With over 20 years experience in the ever-changing IT and data protection industries, DB Computer Solutions can help you prepare for particular elements that will come into force with the GDPR.

  • Data Encryption on Laptops
    Did you know the GDPR requires companies to encrypt data contained on laptops? The new regulations are designed to prevent criminals from accessing data that is present on laptops should they leave the premises. Having left the security of your office they are more likely to be stolen.If a laptop is stolen you must contact the Data Protection authorities within 72 hours of the theft. As critically, you must PROVE that the lost or stolen data is fully encrypted.

DB Computer Solutions can help. We offer comprehensive Data Encryption Services which will enable you to comply with GDPR regulations.

  • Data Security and Protection
    The GDPR is designed to significantly tighten the rules governing data protection throughout the European Union, which of course includes Ireland. This requires companies holding personal data on IT infrastructure to do everything they can to secure data against attack by malicious intruders.

DB Computer Solutions offers a number of services to help you meet this new compliance requirement:

  • Secure Your Network Against Attack DB Computer Solutions can conduct an audit of your existing security infrastructure. We can recommend a variety of tools, including state-of-the-art firewalls and the latest preventative software, to help safeguard your infrastructure and data against attack. For more go to

  • Backup and Recovery you need to do everything you can to protect all personal data. At the same time, you need to ensure data can be completely recoverable should the worst happen. DB Computers Backup and Disaster Recovery services provide a range of robust, proven methods to ensure data held on your IT infrastructure is automatically backed up, and recoverable in the event it is lost. For more go to

If we can help you prepare for the GDPR with the above services, contact us now: or phone 061 480 980.