Getting Key Performance Indicators and Detailed Reports from Sage 200

In order to make the right decisions for your business, you need to have the right information in front of you at any given time.

Your ERP / Accounts Package can be up to date, but useless if you cannot extract data critical to the company’s performance.

How many times have you been frustrated knowing the information you require exists in your software, but you can’t seem to access it?

In some cases it may even feel like you need to draft in a software programmer or a SQL expert in order to run the reports you want!

If you are looking for simple reports which you can change around in a heartbeat such as Product by Client to Product by Client by Rep, it shouldn’t take much effort. Even if you wanted to change this report to reflect your “like for likes”, month by month, year on year, it should be a very simple drag and drop process.

Sage 200 offers a variety of reporting. From the standard reports which come with the system to the complex Business Intelligence reporting drilling into your historical information. You can also use the Excel Integrated Pivot Table facility which allows the user to add in or take out relevant fields such as those mentioned above. In the blink of an eye the screen changes to reflect the results.

Using a Business Management System, such as Sage 200, gives you access to a wide range of tables for you to garner your Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s).

Thanks to Sage 200’s three tier Nominal structure you can show many variants of your Profit and Loss reports, by Cost Centre or Department. Because of the availability of its many analysis codes, you can run many varied reports around Stock, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Customers and Suppliers with great ease.

All of this will lead to you making better decisions based on the performance of your products, customers and staff.

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