Getting The Most Out of Your Sage 50 Investment?

Do you struggle to get the maximum return from your present Sage 50 package? Are you spending time either re-keying data or doing manual reports?

We recently had a company approach us for help – they have been using Sage 50 accounts for at least ten years but were swamped in paperwork and lost orders.


The client was in the manufacturing industry and had been suffering in the long recession. The investment for the likes of Sage 200 Manufacturing or any mid-range solution was therefore not available.


As a consequence, with the budget available and with the requirement to keep Sage 50 accounts as the core software product, a solution proposed was to write a front-end database that took in the orders, costed the products, and then fed the successful orders into Sage 50 accounts.

This is turn created a works order picking list for the production floor, and calculated delivery dates -all with no keeping of data.

After “Go Live” the manual paper-based book and dockets were redundant. Two 42 inch screens had the feeds for works orders and delivery dates.


The upshot for the client was that they no longer lost orders which had been falling between the cracks, without need for huge investment in ERP.

Also production and cash flow was improved, so ultimately, they are making more money.

This is only one example of a typical solution where DB Computer Solutions can bring to the table industry knowledge, know-how and twenty years consultancy experience in deploying technology solutions. In order to help SMEs make the most of their Sage investment.

Other solutions for Sage users looking to invest in Business Process Improvement include:

  • Remote Rep mobile sales order entry
  • Barcode Scanning for Inventory Management
  • Service Module for companies who need to track, manage and assign work orders

If you would like more information, or you think we may be able to help call us 061 480980 or email

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