Why High Performance IT Systems are a Necessity for Irish SME’s – Not a Luxury

IT infrastructure, and the applications and datasets they support, have become critical to small- and mid-sized businesses. Why? Because no matter what size the business, more and more companies are depending on software applications to drive critical workflows and operations.

Accounting, HR, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), ERP (deployed for many workflows usually related to manufacturing, assembly, and R&D), stock, remote field sales, barcoding, and similar software solutions are used by many small- to medium-sized enterprises to run their businesses. Should these applications experience downtime, the aftermath can be disastrous.

Manufacturing and assembly can grind to a halt. Customer service levels (for instance, order processing and delivery of products to end-customers) can be disrupted. Invoicing, payments, and cash flow can be negatively affected.  Employee salary payments and related HR histories could be damaged. Accounting and compliance processes (tax payments, for instance), could be delayed.

IT Infrastructure outages can lead to lost profits, lost opportunities, negative customer and employee goodwill, and possible damage to critical data that businesses of any size depend on.

Maintaining High Performance

To maintain robust, high performance for IT Infrastructure, businesses – no matter what the size – need to expedite professional management support and support systems to administer critical hardware and software. Ideally, a person should be assigned the responsibility of managing IT systems and applications. This ‘CTO’ has the job of expediting ongoing maintenance and security. Of ensuring that appropriate IT resources including compute, memory, and storage capacities match application demands and workloads.

Of making certain that systems security, including backup, restore, and disaster recovery routines and procedures, are in place.

Periodically, all IT infrastructure (and the datasets and applications they support) should be evaluated. An IT strategy should be employed to make certain that IT resources match future needs to handle growth and new requirements.

Ideally, the CTO should also keep abreast of changing technologies to ensure their company is benefiting from innovation. By doing so, his or her business can maintain competitive advantage by increasing productivity and efficiency, while serving customers even better.

IT infrastructure high performance is not a luxury. It is a necessity. By employing strategies and methods to maintain – and refresh – IT systems and applications to remain current with changing needs, small- to mid-sized businesses will be better positioned to grasp new agility and flexibility, and prosper in the coming years.

IT Managed Services from DB Computer Solutions

If your company does not have the staff resources to employ a CTO, we hope you’ll consider IT Managed Services form DB Computer Solutions.

DB Computer Solutions focuses on providing IT Managed Services specifically for small- to medium-sized Irish businesses.  Our IT support services deliver a dependable, affordable method to keep your critical IT systems up and running.

  • Affordable nation-wide support meets your exact budget requirements

  • Our stringent SLAs help to maintain high infrastructure and application performance

  • 9 out of 10 support calls resolved in 2 hours or less

  • Dedicated team of qualified IT engineers lets you sleep at night

  • A menu of dependable capabilities including full hardware and software support, ongoing Data Backup and restore, full Disaster Recovery support, and hardware replacement to keep you going if disaster strikes and

  • A DB Computer Solutions IT Managed Services mission that puts your IT system’s health first.

For more information on how to make 2018 a year of high performance IT infrastructure, go to http://www.dbcomp.ie/services/it-managed-services/

Or contact us info@dbcomp.ie  / Phone: 061 480 980

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