How Do You Save THREE FULL DAYS Doing that Dreaded Stock-Take?

Question: How Do You Save THREE FULL DAYS Doing that Dreaded Stock-Take?

Answer: with Sage Barcode from DB Computer Solutions


Then there’s the poor guy responsible for the monthly stocktake at a large Hospital. To be honest, this fellow hated the prospect of doing it. Each and every month, armed with a clipboard and pen, he’d have to search through racks and shelves, and into hard-to-get-at corners, totting up current quantities of hospital supplies.

“How many product lines?” you might ask. Well, a mere 4,500. Which is a lot of product.

To make it worse, he’d often use Post-It stickers as a way of keeping track of his progress. This poor lad slapped bright yellow stickers, each written with stock counts, on the shelves holding what he’d counted. Of course, there was a problem because Post-It stickers can get un-stuck. Which means he’d have to count it all again.

How long did it take? Each and every month this manual, time-consuming stock-taking chore could take up to FOUR ENTIRE DAYS. Certainly, there had to be a better way.

And there was.

With Sage Barcode from DB Computers
This Chore Now Takes Only 5 or 6 Hours

Fortunately, the hospital looked for a more efficient solution. With Sage Barcode from DB Computer Solutions, SKUs provided by product manufacturers are migrated to the Barcode application. These are matched to the appropriate products and their barcodes.

With Barcode, stocktaking is now a snap. Our fellow, armed with a simple-to-use barcode scanner, scans barcodes on the hospital’s supplies. That data is migrated to Barcode software, which is also integrated with the hospital’s accounting system, for an up-to-date, real-time, accurate count of the hospital’s 4,500 products.

The result? Stock taking is no longer this fellow’s worst nightmare. Today, rather than spending four days on this task, it takes him only 5 to 6 hours a month.

Do You Want to Save Time?

If your organisation wants to save time stocktaking, while also increasing accuracy, eliminating stocktaking errors, and accessing the information you need to manage stock, why not contact us for more information on Sage Barcode from DB Computer Solutions.  We’ve a nose for stock control.                              061 480980

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