Save Time & Money with Automated Supplier Invoice Processing
for Sage 50, Sage 50c, Sage 200, and Sage 200c

Did you know that with Sage Accounting from DB Computer Solutions you can integrate InShip to save significant time processing suppliers’ invoices?

InShip is an automated module that takes the hassle out of invoice processing. Fully integrated into Sage Accounting solutions (like Sage 50, Sage 50c, Sage 200 and Sage 200c),  InShip makes bookkeepers’ lives less stressful, while significantly increasing efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. As importantly, it minimises the time it takes to manage documents from suppliers.

Invoices, statements, and credit notes are processed in minutes, using bespoke templates that suite your current supplier document management methods.

A Simple, Effective Process

  • Data Extraction

    When you receive a document (such as a supplier invoice) from a new supplier, you tell InShip what areas you want to extract. InShip automatically processes all future documents from that supplier

  • Approval

    Invoices can be automatically forwarded for approval by any employee in the company

  • Search & Storage

    Your  documents remain securely accessible through our powerful search facility, anywhere in the world, for up to 7 years

  • Statement Reconciliation

Statements are automatically reconciled by InShip. Any invoice errors are detected. InShip provides a simple method of notifying suppliers of any errors.

  • PO / GRN Matching

    InShip can automatically match invoices to PO’s generated from your Sage accounting solution.

  • Creditors Ledger

    Quickly see and drill down to all outstanding supplier balances and specific invoices.

  • Security

    Fully secure using SSL SHA-256 with RSA encryption. Full backup of data with InShip secure servers.

  • Fully Integrated

    InShip is fully integrated with Sage Accounting Solutions from DB Computer Solutions.

For more information on how InShip can integrate with Sage solutions to save your company time and money, contact us:

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