Overcoming the limitations of Spreadsheets with Sage CRM

Regardless of the size of your company, there is almost always a requirement for spreadsheets.

Indeed, business people use spreadsheets for various reasons: Accounts, Contact Management, Production Management, Sales Pipeline , even Bill of Materials and to some level, even job costing.

And so we can stand over the claim that spreadsheets are universally handy, flexible, customisable, and versatile.

But what happens when your company finally outgrows spreadsheets?

What happens when using spreadsheets actually prohibits or inhibits your company from progressing to the next level?

At DB Computers, we have over 20 years of experience helping SME’s.

We come across these kind of situations in a variety of different ways. As businesses grow, reliance on spreadsheets can lead to one thing or another. Most commonly, information is spread over an unworkable disparate number of spreadsheets held within various locations with no real connection between them. Tie in the various other dedicated office software programs such as accounts, industry specific software, e-mail, and so on, and you can quickly find that your staff are busier trying to gather information than reporting or acting on it. Not to mention remote staff or field sales.

With the release of Sage CRM 7.3 last year, companies are currently recognizing the need for a CRM system, and actively learning to get the most out of their CRM, if they already have one.

Customer Relationship Management is a strategy for keeping track of customer interactions, and it’s also a type of business software growing small and medium-sized businesses depend on. In a nutshell, Sage CRM can be used by different people within your business, for a variety of purposes, for what we can describe as a 360 degree view of your business.

db ad in sunday business post

Indeed, the boss at DB was featured in last months Sunday Business Post.

In the article we not only talk about the increase in numbers of companies using a CRM system, but we also highlight the value of a CRM system and how it can transform your business.

It can be easily configured to link with MS Office, MS Exchange, Sage 50 and Sage 200 to give you a complete picture of the business as a whole or for each department.

Not only this, but at DB Computers we have a team of experienced and dedicated staff who can customise the software to enable workflow, meaning not only can you create a call-to-action for your field staff or office staff, but also, you can customise the views within the CRM system that each department needs to see.

This way, you can see all contacts relevant to you and your business, such as contact details, correspondence such as emails or phone calls, linked documents, accounts transactions, pipeline, customer service issues and relevant information from third party industry specific software.

In summary, among the benefits of moving from Spreadsheets to Sage CRM are the following:

  • Reduce duplication of data entry and work
  • You can act on more accurate sales information
  • Improve the quality of forecasts
  • You can protect your business and it’s information better
  • Use proper metrics to track progress

For your own 30-day trial please contact Carl or Howard at DB on 061 480980, or click on the link below:


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