Accounting Software

accountingSage accounting software isn’t just a superb software accounting solution in its own right. It’s also a robust platform from which you can build and grow a complete, fully integrated Sage business management system. You can integrate with our specialist business solutions, payroll or CRM solutions, and scale up within our accounts software portfolio from Instant through to Line 50, MMS or Line 500, growing as your business does.

We believe that when you begin to build such a complete system, you’re not just investing in software – you’re buying the peace of mind that, wherever your company goes in the future, you’ll have the flexible and scalable business accounting software to adapt with ease. There is only one business accounting software provider who can offer you this complete peace of mind – and that’s Sage. So whether you’re looking to upgrade your current accounts software or you’re after a specific business accounting software solution, talk to us first.

Line 50

Sage Line 50 software has been refined over many years to take advantage of developments in technology, and to reflect the changing needs of businesses. As a result, Sage Line 50 offers control over all areas of your business and is the Ireland’s most successful accounting program. Sage Line 50 Accountant, Accountant Plus and Financial Controller Comparison Table.


Speed Batch entry facilities in Sage MMS give you the ability to enter large volumes of transactions and choose when to commit them to the ledgers. Additionally, colour-coded alerts let you know if there’s a potential problem – but without stopping your workflow. Multi-user capability. Sage MMS supports multiple concurrent users. Typically up to 30 users can access Sage MMS concurrently, although this will rise to 50 once a new version of Sage MMS with a SQL relational database is released later in 2005. Foreign currency capability. You can trade with customers and suppliers outside of the UK and in any mixture of currencies. For example, you can produce foreign currency invoices, statements, receipts and payments whilst automatically dealing with currency fluctuations and you can maintain currency-specific product pricing and discounts. Management Information. Information is presented graphically throughout the system, to give you quick answers to your questions. A wide range of management reports is available, and the report designer (with which Sage Line 50 customers will already be familiar) allows you to tailor these reports, or create your own. You can also ‘pull’ information from Sage MMS directly into Microsoft Excel for instant analysis.