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Sage launches Sage 50cloud version 25.1

>Packed with Productive New Features<

Sage has announced the availability on 1 April 2019 of Sage 50cloud version 25.1 This most recent update of Ireland’s favourite accounting system incorporates a wide range of new features.

Increasing Productivity is Key with New Features

• VAT Return Attachments – assists with VAT audits and digital submission compliance, users can attach documents to VAT Returns

• Journal Attachments – attach explanatory documentation to journal transactions for increased efficiency and insight

• Bank Reconciliation Tracking – view those transactions that have caused a difference since your last bank reconciliation

• Sage Drive improvements – see which Sage ID you’re using to connect with Sage Drive, and receive advance warning prior to expiration

• VAT Return while others logged in – you can now access your VAT Return while other network users are logged in

• Undo Bank Recs – you can now easily undo previous bank reconciliations in a couple of clicks. Very handy if something has changed since the last reconciliation

• Backup with others Logged In – you don’t have to wait anymore for other users to log out before you create a backup. Delivers significant productivity increases

• Pay Now Button on emails – make it easy for customers to pay you with a Pay Now button applied directly onto your invoice emails

Want more details? See the PDF!

DB Computer Solutions can help you upgrade to this innovative new version, or if you are not yet a Sage 50c user, install the solution for you. DB Computer Solutions also delivers outstanding, reliable Sage Support and Sage Training for all Sage solutions.

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Sage Announces Sage 50cloud v25

Sage has recently announced the availability of the latest version of Sage 50cloud, version 25. This latest update to Sage 50c from DB Computer Solutions incorporates new functionalities demanded by current Sage 50cloud users. As you’ll see, this new version increases efficiency and productivity, while helping to speed payments of outstanding invoices.

What’s New in Sage 50cloud v25?

Reverse a bank reconciliation

In Sage 50cloud Accounts v25, you can now reverse a bank reconciliation that was also originally processed in Sage 50 Accounts v25.

Back up your data while others are still working

In Sage 50cloud Accounts v25, you can now back up your data while other users are still working in the same company.

Just back up your data as you normally would. When you start the backup, Sage 50cloud Accounts briefly pauses other users while taking a quick data snapshot, then uses this to check and backup your data.

Sage Capture Approvals – review transactions

The Sage Capture mobile app is now even better with a new approvals option, giving you control of what’s posted to your accounts. Using Sage Approvals you can review transactions posted using Sage Capture.

Pay now buttons on emails

Speed cash flow by making it easy for customers to pay you by adding a pay now button directly onto your invoice emails.

Bank Feeds improvements

Bank Feeds is now even easier to set up, and it’s simple to edit your Bank Feeds rules.

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Sage 50 2017 is “Connected” and renamed Sage 50c

Sage 50 is Ireland’s leading SME accounting solution and it just got better with Sage 50c Accounts. Sage 50c is a hybrid, cloud-connected solution offering business owners, accountants and any user better connectivity with their favourite Sage accounting software.

At DB Computer Solutions, we’re here to help you get the most out of your Sage 50c investment. Whether you’re a new start-up or an existing Sage 50 user looking to upgrade, you’re in good hands with DB Computer Solutions. The DB team has twenty years’ experience to help fast track and explore powerful new Sage 50c features.

New Features: Harnessing the Power of Hybrid-Cloud Computing and Microsoft Office 365

What are these new features I hear you ask? Sage 50c Accounts is integrated with Microsoft Office 365 to give you the power of hybrid-cloud computing. Talk to the DB team about ‘power on the go’ particularly if you desire to:

  • Manage Documents Electronically – Sage 50c gives you the power of the cloud. Sage 50c software is still installed on your business’s IT infrastructure. But the database – and your critical data – is also stored in fully secured cloud infrastructure for instant access by authorised users.

  • Ongoing Data Protection – data stored in your secure Sage 50c cloud is automatically backed up to protect your most valuable data asset. With Sage 50c, never again worry about the health of your accounting data or complex data backup routines. Sage 50c does it for you.

  • Keep Your Accountant Happy – with Sage 50c, your accountant can quickly update and reconcile accounts with no need for manual backups. This increases efficiency and productivity for everyone involved.

  • Get Better Reporting – talk to us about the wide-ranging, powerful reporting tools available to help you increase competitive advantage, sales, efficiency, and profits.

  • Integrate Applications for More Power on the Go.

  1. Add DB Remote Rep to improve cash flow by enabling field sales reps to dispense with paper order books. Instead, electronically migrate sales order data to Sage 50c over the cloud, from anywhere at anytime. By expediting receipt of orders your company can process faster, invoice faster, and get paid promptly.

  2. Add Sage Barcode to help manage, track, and locate multiple product line items within manufacturing, assembly, and warehouse environments.

  3. Add additional BI and reporting tools to give you a complete 365 degree overview of your business.

  • Instant Access to Customer Details on the Road – using Microsoft Outlook with Sage 50c, users can quickly and easily obtain vital customer data including contact information, and sales and credit histories, at anytime and from anywhere. Armed with Sage 50c, you’ll make every customer meeting count.

  • Easily manage expense chits – just take a photo of expense receipts and migrate them over the cloud to Sage 50c for safe storage and instant accounting.

Saving Time is Key – save time with Sage 50c. Wherever you go you can access client information and presentations with Sage 50c and integrated Microsoft Office 365. Always be prepared – while increasing efficiency and productivity – with Sage 50c and its powerful hybrid-cloud functionality.

Transform how you work today with Sage 50c. Find out more:

Sage Training from DB Computer Solutions – lets you leverage all the power from your Sage 50c investment, enabling you to further increase efficiency, productivity, and business insight.

Sage 50c Accounts is new and exciting, and pushes the boundaries on what is already the best accounting solution available in today’s market. Talk to DB Computer Solutions to help you get the best from the best accounting solution.

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DB Computer Solutions has prepared a comprehensive analysis of the differences between Sage 50 and Sage 50c. Want to know more? Click here.

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