HP Business Partner

hp-partnerAs one of the largest IT companies in the world, Hewlett Packard (HP) is either number 1 or 2 in each of the solution or technology areas they operate in. With such a wide portfolio of technologies and products

Hewlett Packard

DB Computer Solutions is a Hewlett Packard Specialist partner.   Our certified team has been designing, specifying, implementing, managing, supporting and repairing HP technology for over 20 years. Our highly experienced team delivers a range of HP services and solutions to organisations of all sizes.

As a Preferred Partner, DB Computer Solutions works with HP across their entire range of server, storage, software and networking solutions, and our HP Data Centre Solutions Specialist accreditation sets us apart within the Irish HP partner community.

However long and impressive our list of specialist accreditations, what makes DB Computer Solutions’ relationship with HP work for our customers is commitment.

Commitment to:

  • Improve the IT infrastructure and business capabilities of our customers
  • Deliver the highest quality solutions, services and support
  • Work with HP across all of their server and storage platforms
  • Design and deploy HP solutions that meet the major IT and business challenges of organisations
  • Continue to grow our team of HP certified professionals, with their unparalleled skills in disk and tape-based storage solutions, , including SAN, NAS & DAS, and expertise in: StorageWorks, Enterprise Virtual Array (EVA), Modular Storage Array (MSA) and ProLiant.