virtualizationWhat is Virtualization?

Virtualization is a relatively new technology. But its impact will be felt for years to come. DB Computer Solutions can assist companies adopt virtualized environments and reap the benefits.

If you are not yet familiar with virtual IT environments or applications and their benefits, here is a very simple primer:

Virtualization tools (such as VMware and Hyper-V) can be used to replicate existing physical applications and datasets into a virtual environment. In fact, a single Virtual Machine (VM) can replicate the functionality of an entire computer system. When a VM is created, it is provisioned with memory, compute, and storage requirements that match a precise application or dataset need.  As an example: let’s assume that your company uses a particular SQL Server database. Using a Virtualization tool, you create and provision the new VM. It contains enough storage to handle the size of the dataset, and uses enough compute and memory power to ensure high availability. Once created, this new virtualized SQL Server dataset lives separately within your computer.

Now expand your thinking: envision your existing computer populated by hundreds of VMs each acting as its own small computer and each with a different function: some are applications. Others are datasets. All work to increase performance, maximise IT physical resources, and lower costs.

Benefits of Virtualization

In a nutshell, that’s virtualization. And this new technology delivers a number of astounding benefits:

  • Maximising IT resource utilization – a virtualized dataset or application uses much less storage and compute power than its physical equivalent. So it fully maximises IT resources, allowing users to get more capability with less resource.
  • Maximising flexibility – VMs can be created in minutes and are often used as a method for testing or replicating datasets and applications. They are also used to create new platforms to facilitate R&D and similar activities. Virtualization helps companies to increase flexibility and get to market quicker. Often, VMs replace the need for ordering, deploying, and configuring a new stand-alone machine to handle a specific new application or process.
  • Lowering costs – virtualization also significantly lowers costs by increasing productivity and efficiency, minimises the need for stand-alone systems, and reduces operating overheads (power, cooling, and similar).

VMware and Veeam

DB Consulting recommends either VMware or Microsoft Hyper-V, as well as Veeam  Software, as primary virtualization tools. VMware is a leading virtualization software solution in the global marketplace, enabling users to create and provision new virtual machines in minutes. Click here for more information on VMware.

Microsoft Hyper-V is also a leading virtualization software tool.

Veeam is a premier VMware Technology Alliance Partner. Its solutions, which integrate seamlessly into VMware and DB Computer Solution Network systems, enable users to easily manage and backup virtual machines.

If you are interested in the benefits of Virtualization, contact us