Are you using Real-Time Mobile Sales to Increase GP yet?

Some companies have, shall we say, at least flirted with the idea of handhelds and remote devices to replace docket books.

But maybe they were put off by the whole idea, because they found little pocket-sized PDA’s or mobile phones too cumbersome. Or the sales process inefficient. Or even because their sales force had an old school approach and generally lacked the desire to embrace the technology. And so the idea came and went without the opportunity being seized.

Other businesses have successfully deployed handheld solutions and have seen their Return on Investment (ROI) met and sales increase as well as administration costs lower. Not only were costs covered, but return on investment has been exceeded, and yielded improved cashflow and increased gross profits (GP) as a consequence.

So what’s the difference?

Well, it depends on the nature of the business. But to be pretty blunt about it, one of the key factors would be talking to the right IT solutions partner.

At DB we have over twenty years’ experience facilitating and implementing technology solutions for clients. This includes a broad range of handheld solutions, from barcode scanning and integration with Sage for companies with stock management requirements, to full service management and contract management for companies in the service industry.

We don’t just help companies who have outgrown spreadsheets, or who see the benefit in using systems which talk to each other. We also help companies who have recognised a requirement internally to alleviate the cost of time-consuming paperwork and administration.

In a nutshell, via plug-ins and add-ons for your Sage accounts software, we can install, maintain and support innovative technology solutions to facilitate efficiencies and drive up bottom line.

Remote Rep APP for Sage Accounts

When your client is willing to give you an order, it would be advantageous to be in a position to take it instantly, and have it uploaded to the relevant software package.

Remote Rep is your professional mobile sales order processing solution for Sage 50 and Sage 200 accounts. Remote Rep for Sage accounts means you can :

  • Enter Orders on Apple or Android device
  • Retrieve and Clone most recent Sales Order
  • Recall last three months sales orders and previous order quantities
  • Retrieve Account Sales or History or Debt warning
  • Process Signature capture
  • Bluetooth mobile printing functionality
  • Off line capability for order processing when out of signal
  • Access to pricing from Sage 50 or Sage 200 price books
  • Real-time Synchronisation with back office Admin System
  • Own Logo Branding to impress your clients

With a 30-day free trial, why not try Remote Rep for yourself?

Remote Rep APP can be installed in a day and your sales team can be working next day to take your company sales orders.

Ideal for companies who call into a regular client base to take sales orders for products which are then shipped out once the sales order has been processed, we have been talking to businesses in vertical markets as diverse as engineering supplies, coffee, cleaning and hygiene supplies, cosmetics, and medical devices.

So if you think it could be useful, why not take advantage of the free 30-day trial?

DB Computer Solutions Ltd. has been a leading partner in Sage support, Sage training and deploying and implementing Sage solutions for over twenty years. We are constantly innovating with technology to gain the best results from your Sage Investments.

So if it’s Sage 50, Sage 200 or Sage CRM, contact us to get your software investment doing more for your productivity.

For more information, or for a demonstration of our Remote Rep solutions, or to avail of the free trial, do feel free to contact our sales team on 061-480980 or email:

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