Resolve Your Accounting Solution Pain Points with Sage 200c

Resolve Your Accounting Solution Pain Points with Sage 200c from DB Computer Solutions

Is your accounting software solution presenting you with limitation?

  • High levels of latency / poor response due to data sizes, number of required transactions, or continuing business growth

  • Inflexible accounting periods (and your business requires ever-increasing flexibility)

  • Ever-changing dynamic foreign exchange requirements

  • Lack of centralised data leading to decreases in efficiency and productivity

If your business suffers from any of these pain points, we hope you’ll consider Sage 200c from DB Computer Solutions.

Hybrid-cloud powered Sage 200c delivers the edge you need to supercharge your business’s growth.  Continuing development by Sage software engineers delivers a constant flow of new benefits. Recent new functionalities include:

  • Deploy specific Front or Back Office functionalities to various parts of your business – this means financial staff may have access to all aspects of Sage 200c relating to finance and accounting; stock personnel are limited to accessing data related to stock, orders on hand, and stock locations; marketing people can access customer data including historic orders, current sales orders, liabilities for specific customers and similar vital data.

Sage 200c lets you provide the insight your personnel need to efficiency accomplish tasks.

  • Centralised data removes silos and layers of information. Authorised staff can access data across the rich data set held by Sage 200c.

With Sage 200c from DB Computer Solutions, your company can keep it’s edge while supercharging new growth. See how:

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