Sage 200 Standard

Sage 200 Standard Description

Sage 200 Standard is a powerful, state-of-the-art, fully cloud-enabled accounting and management software solution that provides the agility and insight companies require in today’s demanding environment. Developed for growing businesses, most companies who adopt Sage 200 Standard have around 30 – 50 employees. However, Sage 200 Standard can accommodate up to 200 users.

Upon registering for subscription-based Sage 200 Standard, the software application is downloaded into registered user devices: PC, laptop or tablet.

Data entries are automatically migrated to your business’s secure Sage 200 Standard database held in the cloud, not only for access but for robust backup.

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  • A cost-effective upgrade path for businesses who have outgrown Sage 50c or similar accounting software solutions
  • Fully cloud-driven, enabling quick access to your accounting software at anytime, from anywhere
  • Driven by MS Office 365 for real-time availability of critical data on a wide range of mobile devices. No more downtime – collaborate and make decisions on-the-fly
  • 24/7/365 ability to access critical management data for on-the-go insight
  • Manage all accounting, manufacturing, supply chain, business intelligence and more
  • Speed order entry and dispatch for high customer service levels
  • Speed invoicing for improved cashflow, even from the field
  • Flexible and scalable
  • Automatic, secure financial data backup
  • Fully VAT and legislation compliant in Ireland
  • Future-proofed with continual upgrades by Sage development engineers
  • Facilitates Remote Working

Is Sage 200 Standard Right For You?

See a series of charts comparing the functionalities of Sage 200 Standard, Sage 200 Professional, and Sage 50c to see which solution is right for your growing business. Click here for the comparison.

Tailoring To Meet Your Requirements

Sage 200 Standard is designed with the flexibility required to meet the needs of vertical industries.

Standard Modules

Sage 200 Standard includes the Modules every business requires for accounting, management, compliance, and business insight. These include:

  • Financials (core accounting ledgers, powerful SQL database for increased management insight) meets all accounting and finance requirements
  • Business Intelligence to facilitate deep-dives into your company’s financial data, enabling a true 365-degree view of your operations
  • Excel Reporting Tools – reports include Nominal, customer, supplier and stock

Optional Modules

  • Sage CRM – fully integrated with Sage 200 Standard to centralise all customer data, yielding higher efficiency and productivity for not only your sales teams, but also to increase all customer service levels
  • Commercials – to help manage all aspects of order processing including stock control
  • Project Accounting – captures and allocates project costs, overheads and revenues
  • Bill of Materials – monitor, cost, and control manufacturing processes
  • Manufacturing – planning, order processing, materials and stock management

Latest Releases

Sage 200 Standard 2021 R2

Sage delivers even more agility with the release of the latest version, Sage 200 Standard 2021 R2 from DB Computer Solutions.

With this version, access:

Web Screens for Cashbook:

  • Interbank Transfer
  • Bank Account List

Web Screens for Nominal Ledger:

  • Nominal Transaction Enquiry

Web Screens for Maintenance:

  • Warehouse List

These forms will be released alongside the existing web forms for Sage 200 Standard customers, providing greater flexibility for customers looking to modernise their processes and improve efficiency and productivity.

For more information on this latest version, please contact us:               061 480980


Sage 200 Standard 2021 R1

Sage engineers bring the power of anywhere agility to Sage 200 Standard with access from any device. Note: Desktop equivalent forms will remain within the application allowing a choice of access.

Web Screens for Stock Ledger:

  • Amend Stock Record
  • Create Stock record
  • View Stock Record
  • Stock Location
  • Stock Item Supplier
  • Duplicate Stock Record

Web Screens for Nominal Ledger:

  • Create Nominal ledger Record
  • Amend Nominal ledger record
  • View nominal ledger record

Web Screens for Settings:

  • Sales Ledger Settings
  • Purchase Ledger Settings

Web Screens for Sales Ledger:

  • Customer Record Memo tab
  • Customer record alerts tab

Web Screens for Purchase Ledger:

  • Supplier Record Memo Tab

API Updates

Sage is building out the API supporting customisations including Microsoft Power Automate, Power Apps and Power BI reports using the Sage 200 data. This capability supports customers by allowing connections for 3rd party developers.

Areas include:

  • Stock
  • Nominal Ledger
  • Sales/ Purchase Ledger
  • Settings & Maintenance areas

See the Videos on New Functionalities

Stock Control:

Nominal Ledger:

For more information on this latest version of Sage 200 Standard, contact us:   061 480 980

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