Sage 200c Spring 2018 Release

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Sage 200c Spring 2018 Release
Powerful New Functionalities Meet Customer Demands
– and Are Available Right Now! –

Sage recently announced its Spring 2018 Release of new functionalities for Sage 200c. Immediately available, this version update is the latest in the series of recent product enhancements Sage has launched as part of its Sage 200c development programme.

This version release, with its new features, is based on direct customer feedback. As you’ll see, the enhancements directly address recent customer requests.

Features for Sage 200c, Spring 2018 Version
What’s New?

  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) support Sage, by itself, cannot make their accounting software solutions GDPR compliant. Rather, it is up to each business to ensure that compliance. However, Sage will be providing GDPR support documents to help Sage 200c customers achieve compliance within their business.

(For more information about GDPR see Or see how DB Computer Solutions can help you achieve compliance:

  • Hiding Redundant Nominal and Cash Book Accounts – this new capability, now available on the new Spring 2018 version of Sage 200c, was the most frequently requested item in the Sage 200c Ideas Hub.

  • Automatic Refresh of All List Views Throughout the Programme – no further need for Sage 200c users to replace the F5 key on their keyboard 3 times per year! This was the 2nd most popular request in the Sage 200c Ideas Hub and has now been actioned.

  • Convert Quote to Pro-Forma Invoice – enables Sage 200c users to quickly convert a quote to a Pro-Forma invoice to collect payments prior to the creation of a Sales Order. Sage 200c also enables users to create a Pro-Forma invoice from a standard Invoice.

  • Licence Warning– existing users of Sage 200 will love this! Historically, as you know, users of Sage 200 are warned every day for 60 days before their annual licence expires. However, the licence cannot be renewed until the Business Partner invoices the customer which is usually 30 days before the licence expires.

Sage have now brought the two processes in line by changing the licence warning to appear from 30 days of licence expiration. The licence warning time schedule was in the top ten on the Ideas Hub and has been a regular complaint from both customers and Business Partners for years. We’re certain our customers will appreciate the change.

The new version of Sage 200c with the above features is now available!

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