Sage 200cloud Integrated with Sage Barcode and Remote Rep

Solving the Question: “How to Make More Money Off Existing Stock”

Sage 200cloud Integrated with Sage Barcode and Remote Rep

If Your Company Warehouses Product and You Want to Sell More, Here’s How

Let’s assume you own a distribution / import business. You have a 6,000 square foot warehouse. Tucked inside are racks and racks (and pallets and pallets) holding over 8,000 lines of product. You make lots of cash selling those lines across Ireland, with your professional field sales team.

But you want to make a whole lot more.

The problem is: You use a manual stock control system. The process is expensive – you incur lots of expensive overtime to conduct those frequent stock takes – and the process doesn’t give you the type of data you need to make more profits.

Often, you’re not sure which lines are hot and which are not. You don’t know what to discount to clear stock that is tying up expensive capital, or know which lines are moving quickly, which could stand a margin hike of a point or two.

As importantly, your field sales force scattered all over the company uses a manual system. If you decide on an instant price hike, or discount, you have to wait for them to come back to the office to communicate, or text / phone each person.

Too, your sales people have to bring in manual sales dockets to begin processing orders – delaying product dispatch, invoicing, and – of course – cash flow.

You know the whole process could be better. You’re just not sure what to do about it.

The Solution

Sage 200cloud from DB Computer Solutions integrated with Sage Barcode from DB Computer Solutions. And also add Remote Rep from DB Computer Solutions to communicate instantly with your Field Sales Force.

Here’s How

Step 1. Start with Sage 200cloud. This insightful mid-level Accounting System is powered with a hybrid-cloud for 24/7 access. At its heart is a powerful SQL Server Database.

The result? Powerful BI (Business Intelligence) capabilities that can be designed to meet specific needs (see below).

Step 2. Add Integrated Sage Barcode. This application allows you to scan all of your stock – how much product you have in each and every product line, when purchased, any best before date, and exactly where it is in your warehouse. This data is pumped into Sage 200cloud in real time.

Step 2A. Add pricing and margins in Sage 200cloud. Sage 200cloud will keep tabs on the exact stock count of each line item, as stock is drawn down from sales, or added to with deliveries. (And of course, it will track all sales by line item, margin by line item, and all those other great deliverables you need a superlative accounting system to give you).

Step 3. Add and integrate Remote Rep. Your field sales teams now have a powerful remote handheld device in their hands. They take orders from customers in the field, and transmit those orders to Sage 200cloud instantly for quick order processing, despatch, and invoicing.

And if you have a price decrease or increase, or want to move a stock item quickly? That’s also transmitted directly to your Sales Reps in the field with Sage Remote Rep.

The Results

  • With Sage Business Intelligence, you keep a constant eye on your stock. You know what’s hot and what’s not; which of your reps are selling and who isn’t; which customers are buying what and who isn’t.

    Using Sage BI, you can quickly determine what actions you need to up your growth and profits: who to sell to; which line items to sell them; and for how much. Having made the decisions…

  • With Remote Rep, if a line isn’t moving and you need to free up capital and warehouse space? Just tell your reps by transmitting the new price to their handheld device. Have you discovered that an important customer isn’t buying a particular line item, but always has in the past? You can take care of that too with Remote Rep.

  • Meanwhile Sage 200cloud keeps tabs on stock counts for all 8,000 line items (as well as any physical stock movements within the warehouse) in almost real time. And while you’ll still have to conduct the occasional stock take, you can eliminate a whole lot of the expense.

What’s not to like?

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