Sage 200cloud integrated with Sage CRM

DB Computer Solutions Gives Your Company Centralised Control to Drive More Growth—

Meet Your Challenges with the Integrated Cloud-Power of Sage 200c and Sage CRM

Are you looking to grow your business? Are you managing multiple companies or multiple currencies, or complex workflows, but can’t find accounting and business systems with the power and flexibility to meet your needs?

Sage 200cloud integrated with Sage CRM can be tailored the way you want it to meet your exact requirements. With this Integrated solution, users can address specific, profit-generating activities.

The Powerful Cloud-enabled Bundle

Sage 200cloud from DB Computer Solutions is a powerful accounting software solution for mid-level Irish businesses. Advanced SQL server database architecture, together with modern Business Intelligence and cloud-powered technologies, harnesses resources to help achieve specific objectives.

Sage CRM from DB Computer Solutions, the state-of-the-art customer relationship management platform, enables users to access a single dashboard, placing all customer – and prospect – communications (including emails, order histories and other financials, phone calls and notes, contracts, distribution and engineering/manufacturing processes, and similar documents and contacts) front and centre. In addition, it helps managers to schedule – and monitor – sales and field engineering teams to improve customer service and profits.

The integrated solution can also be harnessed to drive efficiencies in manufacturing, assembly, and distribution operations.

Inherent Flexibility Achieves Your Objectives

Integrate both solutions into a single powerful solution, and users can address specific workflows and objectives. Some examples include:

  • Increasing sales efficiency – the solution can analyse sales team performance, demonstrating who is on target (or not) and with which products. Analyses can suggest how you can redirect your teams to make more sales and profits.

  • Maximising sales with multiple companies and multiple currencies – line-item sales analyses of your product lines, stored in multiple locations and with multiple currencies, including stock on hand, with a comparison to historic sales by customer, and location, can identify product opportunities, helping to sell overstocks, while maximising total sales.

  • Increasing customer service levels – advanced BI with Sage CRM helps to manage field service engineers by analysing time spent on customer jobs (by each of your engineers). The integrated Sage bundle can determine how to reallocate field team resources to increase efficiency and customer service levels.

  • Increasing manufacturing efficiency – Sage CRM can be used by any department in your company including manufacturing, distribution, assembly and more. With Sage CRM, integrated with Sage 200c and its BI functionality, you can identify areas in which to increase efficiency and productivity; drive cost reductions; discover methods to speed products to your customers, and much more.

Overcoming Your Challenge

The list above gives only examples. Sage 200c integrated with Sage CRM can be tailored to meet your exact objectives. If you have a specific challenge that your existing accounting and BI system can’t meet, we hope you’ll contact us:

info@dbcomp.i.e                            061 480980

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