Sage 50 New Features

Sage 50 New Features:

  • Negative Items on Invoices – how many times have you wanted to quickly and easily show a credit or a negative amount on an invoice, rather than having to use the discount features or issue a separate credit note?  You will quickly and easily be able to enter negative items on invoices from now on.
  • Full Transactional detail in most used screens – often when I’m in the customer or supplier activity screen I need to know if an invoice included VAT and at what rate, but I would have to find the transaction in the financial screens to find that information.  This information will now be available in customer, supplier, bank and nominal activity screens.
  • Enter Invoices and Payments together – When entering batch invoices, you’ll be able to enter payments on the same line so you don’t have to navigate to the bank area to mark the invoices just entered as paid.
  • Flexible Invoice Due Dates – When in the Invoicing area you will be able to over-write the invoice due date as relevant, or set automatic calculations so you can keep a better track of expected cash flow.

How to Upgrade:

If you wish to gain access to these new features then call us on 061480980 to discuss you Sage upgrade options, and if a Sage Subscription might be suitable for you.

We have some fabulous special offers available to help you upgrade to the latest version, plus the IT knowledge and know how to get your Sage working well on your IT systems.

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