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Control your business from wherever you are with accounting you can depend on
Sage 50c from DB Computer Solutions is a hybrid-cloud-powered accounting solution that combines the software you know and trust with the agility to work how and when you want.

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If your business is currently using Sage 50 Accounts (the standard, locally-installed accounting solution) discover how you can benefit with Sage 50c and its hybrid-cloud power in this brochure.

So whether you’re in the office or on the go, get instant access to revolutionary productivity tools to help control your business.

Incorporating Microsoft Office 365, Sage 50c enables you to communicate better with clients, teams, and your authorized accountant with email, video conferencing, instant messaging and social networking. Co-ordinate better with shared calendars and chats. It’s all backed up with 1Tb of cloud storage per user.

Advanced Sage 50c from DB Computer Solutions delivers the accounting power, and management insight, you’ve come to rely on. As Ireland’s premier Sage Business Partner, DB Computer Solutions can help you deploy Sage 50c to meet your exacting needs.

The Power of Sage 50c from DB Computer Solutions: Excel with Insight and Support

  • Instant collaboration with your accountant. Sage 50c hybrid-cloud power delivers on-the-go seamless collaboration, made simple
  • Secure Data Protection. With automatic data backup to the Sage 50c cloud
  • Agile Insight. Instant access to Sage 50c accounting data held in a secure cloud
  • Forgot customer details? Integrated MS Office 365 delivers remote access to top-level customer details
  • Forgot something else and you’re miles from the office? Did you forget a presentation on your way to a customer? Access presentations like PowerPoint instantly
  • Want instant invoicing? Remote invoicing speeds cash flow
  • Tired of collecting those expense chits? Remote expense capture makes it snap and go
  • Need info but don’t want to go into the office? Remote access to deep Business Intelligence means you get what you need at home
  • Want life even easier? Easy application integration speeds key workflows
  • Multi-company – managing a few companies on the go? Look no further than Sage 50c

Perfect for Most Businesses

  • 2 to 20 users (depending on selected option)
  • Handle thousands of transactions
  • Secure cloud access and backup
  • Track and manage stock
  • Integrate a wide range of applications including Sage Barcode, Remote Rep, Sage CRM, Sage Payroll, and more to meet many vertical processes and workflows including ERP
  • Future proofed with regular product upgrades
  • Used across many vertical sectors / big and smaller organisations: manufacturing, R&D, assembly, services, warehousing, and more

Harnessing the Power of Hybrid-Cloud Computing and Microsoft Office 365

Sage 50c Accounts is integrated with Microsoft Office 365 to give you the power of hybrid-cloud computing. Talk to the DB team about ‘power on the go’ particularly if you desire to:

  • Manage Documents Electronically– Sage 50c gives you the power of the cloud. Sage 50c software is still installed on your business’s IT infrastructure. But the database – and your critical data – is also stored in fully secured cloud infrastructure for instant access by authorised users.
  • Ongoing Data Protection– data stored in your secure Sage 50c cloud is automatically backed up to protect your most valuable data asset. With Sage 50c, never again worry about the health of your accounting data or complex data backup routines. Sage 50c does it for you.
  • Keep Your Accountant Happy– with Sage 50c, your accountant can quickly update and reconcile accounts with no need for manual backups. This increases efficiency and productivity for everyone involved.
  • Get Better Reporting– talk to us about the wide-ranging, powerful reporting tools available to help you increase competitive advantage, sales, efficiency, and profits.
  • Integrate Applications- for More Power on the Go.
  • Add DB Remote Rep - to improve cash flow by enabling field sales reps to dispense with paper order books. Instead, electronically migrate sales order data to Sage 50c over the cloud, from anywhere at anytime. By expediting receipt of orders your company can process faster, invoice faster, and get paid promptly.
  • Add Barscan from DB Computer Solutions- to help manage, track, and locate multiple product line items within manufacturing, assembly, and warehouse environments.
  • Add additional BI and reporting tools to give you a complete 360-degree overview of your business.
  • Instant Access to Customer Details on the Road– using Microsoft Outlook with Sage 50c, users can quickly and easily obtain vital customer data including contact information, and sales and credit histories, at anytime and from anywhere. Armed with Sage 50c, you’ll make every customer meeting count.
  • Easily manage expense chits– just take a photo of expense receipts and migrate them over the cloud to Sage 50c for safe storage and instant accounting.

Saving Time is Key – save time with Sage 50c. Wherever you go you can access client information and presentations with Sage 50c and integrated Microsoft Office 365. Always be prepared – while increasing efficiency and productivity – with Sage 50c and its powerful hybrid-cloud functionality.

Want to Learn More About the Power of Sage 50c Accounts? Read our Sage 50c Top Tips

Want to know more about Sage 50c Features and Size? Check it out:

sage-200-professional  Benefits of moving over to Sage from TASBooks:

Join the growing number of businesses making the switch from TASBooks to Sage 50.
TASbooks is an end of life product and will cease to be supported/operate from 2024.

Improved functionality: Sage offers more advanced functionality than TASBooks, allowing businesses to manage their finances more efficiently. This includes features such as automatic bank feeds, payment processing, and inventory management.

Better reporting: Sage offers a wide range of reporting options, including customisable reports and dashboards, which can help businesses gain better insights into their financial performance and make more informed decisions.

Increased efficiency: Sage automates many tasks, reducing the time and effort required to manage finances. This can help businesses save time and focus on other important tasks, such as growing their business.

Enhanced security: Sage offers robust security features, such as user-level access controls and data encryption, which can help protect sensitive financial information from unauthorised access.

Scalability: Sage is a scalable solution that can grow with a business. It offers features such as multi-currency support and multi-company capabilities, allowing businesses to expand internationally or add new entities without needing to switch to a new system.

Integration with other software: Sage integrates with a wide range of other software, such as CRM and payroll systems, enabling businesses to streamline their processes and improve efficiency.

Access to support and resources: Sage offers a range of support and resources to help businesses get the most out of the software. This includes online help, training resources, and a dedicated support team.


Move up to the Latest Version

For Anytime, Anywhere Efficiency

Sage 50c Version 27 Now Available

If your business uses Sage 50c, talk to us about the enhanced features in the latest release:

  • Track individual user’s activities – if more than one person is using Sage 50c, you can now set up individual users. This enables companies to track each user’s activity in the accounts package, and allows control of which areas each user can access for increased security
  • Improved Remote Data Access – is now managed entirely within the software’s User Management Settings. Remote access drives collaboration, and give authorised users the option to securely access and update the data from remote locations via the Internet
  • Add Custom Alerts – on customers, suppliers and product records
  • Easily create, add or delete a company – if your Sage 50c has a multi-company license, this process has been made easier

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