Sage 50c Combining the Power of Sage 50 with the Agility of Microsoft Office 365

When Sage announced just over a year ago that it was planning to harness the cloud-enabled agility of Microsoft Office 365 for its Sage 50 desktop accounting solution, the people at DB Computer Solutions knew they were onto a winner.

Sage recognised that some people were still a bit sceptical about the cloud. For that reason, Sage is not forcing customers to adopt cloud computing. Instead, Sage 50c uses MS Office 365, and its flexible hybrid technologies, to combine the best of both worlds: the inherent reliability and accuracy of traditional Sage 50 for desktops combined with the flexibility of the Sage 50c / MS Office 365 hybrid cloud.

With Sage 50c, vital software is still stored and managed in customers’ local IT infrastructure. But Sage accounting databases can be migrated to the cloud for easy access, with no limits on the amount of data customers can store there.

So the top-line benefits are these. With Sage 50c customers will enjoy:

  • The robust, high performance accuracy of traditional Sage 50 Accounting for desktop computing combined with

  • The agility of Microsoft Office 365 hybrid cloud access.

The Agility of Sage 50c

To explain how Sage 50c works, let’s use an example: let’s assume your company is a traditional Sage 50 user. As a Sales Manager, you’re out on the road a lot meeting customers. Yet historically, every time you have a customer appointment you have to phone head office to access vital information like past sales, outstanding debt, and other data. This is a time consuming, manual task. In the office, your colleagues have to access Sage 50 to find that information. They then have to email you with it or talk it through with you on the phone.

But no longer. Not with Sage 50c

With Sage 50c, manual processes disappear. Using Microsoft Office 365 on your tablet or smart phone, you log into Outlook and can quickly access that critical customer data. Walking into the meeting you know they have a clean order book. Payments and credit are in good order. And without having to make even one phone call, you are prepared to close another sale.

And with Sage 50c, there’s much more. Using secure cloud-enabled access, your field sales reps can send sales orders to Sage 50c Accounting from anywhere, at anytime, using applications like DB Remote Rep. You can view and approve those sales on the fly to expedite order processing for picking, delivery, and invoicing.

You can seamlessly plug-in a wide variety of other applications like Sage Barcode. Provided by DB Computer Solutions, this particular application helps manufacturers, assemblers, or any business holding stock in a warehouse environment to easily create an unlimited type and number of barcodes in-house to keep tabs on specific products. All that data is also migrated to Sage 50c for safekeeping.

Keeping Your Accountant in Mind

With Sage 50c, your accountant can easily share data with you in real time for increased productivity and efficiency. No longer does he or she have to send out backups at month or year end to reconcile accounts. Instead, your accountant can work quickly to update and reconcile your business’s accounting data. Accountants will surely applaud Sage 50c as an effective engine which allows them to better serve your business needs.

Microsoft 365 Integration

Sage 50c is powered by integrated Microsoft Office 365. This superior range of applications incorporates the de facto suite of productivity software products for businesses (everything from MS Excel to Word and Instant Messaging, to Outlook email and video conferencing). Critically, it also provides secure cloud-enabled access to your Sage 50c data.

And more

Sage 50c also enjoys some truly compelling benefits:

  • Seamless, secure cloud backup constantly protects your vital data

  • Full security

  • Positions you and your business to increase productivity, profitability, and efficiency

  • Easy to get up and running – if you’re a Sage 50 user you’ll instantly know how to use Sage 50c

  • Full Sage 50c Training – what’s more, DB Computer Solutions is right here with a full suite of Sage 50c Training to help you get the most out of your hybrid cloud solution

Want to know more?

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