Sage 50c Top Tips 2

Tip 2. Accelerate Your Cash Flow

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any organisation. Without careful management (including quick invoicing and credit oversight, accurate creditor postings, and exact current bank balances) managers can find themselves working in the dark. With Sage 50c Accounts, businesses have exact, detailed data to predict cash flow, and to react promptly should issues arise.

  • Quick, Accurate Invoicing – Sage 50c enables companies to capture all customer and project-specific costs to protect margins. Invoice from anywhere at anytime by linking to your hybrid cloud Sage 50c database with MS Office 365. Fast, accurate invoices can promote quicker payments. By adding agreed payment terms, managers can forecast receivables over time.

  • Identify payment laggards – are you manually identifying who among your debtors is paying late, or not paying at all? With Sage 50c, minimise risk by quickly ID’ing problem debtors.

  • Post accurate creditors – Sage 50c enables quick posting of all creditor invoices. Tag invoices with payment terms to forecast payables over time.

  • Add anticipated overheads and expenses – with Sage 50c, add forecasted overheads and expenses.

  • Easily capture on-the-road expenses with any smart phone – by photographing expense chits and migrating to Sage 50c via MS Outlook to minimise lost expenses.

  • Seamlessly connect to your company’s bank accounts – Sage 50c seamlessly connects to your bank accounts to access accurate bank balances. Minimise errors due to re-keying, monitor receivables and payables in real-time, and always know how much cash your company has at hand.

  • Use Sage Intelligent Reporting for cash flow accuracy – in-depth cash flow reporting consolidates all relevant data – debtors, creditors, bank, and expenses. Easily identify anticipated payments, expected outflows, and cash balances over time.

With Sage 50c Accounts, business managers can work to accelerate cash flow, while keeping a steady eye on the health of your business’s cash flow.

DB Computer Solutions is committed to helping our Sage 50c customers get the most from their hybrid cloud, state-of-the-art accounts solution. We’ll help you devise management reports to accurately monitor the health of your company. And Sage Training from DB Computer Solutions empowers your staff to protect and accelerate your valuable cash flow even more.

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