Sage 50c Top Tips 5

Tip 5. How to Access Your Accounting Data from Anytime / Anywhere

Users of traditional desktop accounting software had a big beef: critically important data was usually stored on local ‘silo’d’ computer infrastructure often located in the office.   This, of course, had a number of drawbacks:

  • Wasting a weekend at the office – how many times have you wanted to access even basic accounting data or processes over the weekend? You want to analyse receivables for the next month, or are interested in year-to-date sales versus forecasts and targets? Or you can’t remember order histories for an important customer and have a meeting with them early Monday morning?

Or maybe you wanted to create some customer invoices to speed payments and cash flow?

Of course, the only way to answer any of those questions was to climb in the car and hike down to the office. You might have to boot up your computer system. You’d look up the information and while you were at it spend some time glancing at other data. Before you knew it, you’d spent half of your Saturday or Sunday away from home.

  • Experiencing undue stress levels while on the road – or perhaps you’ve travelled afar, to a conference or a customer’s business location. You get there and suddenly receive a phone call from your finance team: a customer is querying an invoice and they need more information from you before payment is released. Of course, you need to see the backup data to jog your memory regarding products, order histories, terms, and pricing. So…you instruct your team to email the information. Which means they spend valuable time collecting data, formatting it for you, and putting together an email. In the meantime, you try to focus on your meeting, but the stress of resolving this issue is stressful and distracting.

Business people today are used to working with a variety of applications offering anytime / anywhere access. And as you consider the above scenarios, you can’t help but wonder why your accounting system doesn’t offer the same remote agile flexibility?

Now it does. And it’s called Sage 50c.

Hybrid-cloud Enabled Sage 50c for Anytime / Anywhere Access

Sage 50c combines the traditional benefits of Sage 50 Accounts, Ireland’s favourite accounting solution, with the agility and flexibility of Hybrid-Cloud computing. Available from DB Computer Solutions, Sage 50c enables users to remotely access their important accounting information at anytime, and from anywhere. All you need is a Sage 50c license, a laptop running Sage 50c software, connectivity, and you’re in business.

With Sage 50c, you can remotely access everything you need from the comfort of your home office, or from the other side of the world. It makes no difference.  You can invoice on the fly, check your bank, gain deep insight into the state of your operation with Intelligent Reporting, and always keep your fingers on the pulse of your business.

Smart Access Too!

But let’s say you don’t bring along your laptop and don’t have Sage 50c software available. Sage 50c also integrates Microsoft Office 365 for instant remote connectivity. Using only a smart device, authorised users can access top level customer details and instantly capture expenses. You can also use the complete MS Office 365 Suite of online applications for collaboration with staff no matter where you are.

Due to its state-of-the-art hybrid-cloud technology and integrated Microsoft Office 365, Sage 50c enables you to access critical accounting data anytime you want. Which means: you’ll never again have to waste a weekend going to the office to unlock your accounting data.

For deeper insight into Sage 50c and how it compares with Sage 50, visit our Blog Compare the Differences: Sage 50 v Sage 50c

DB Computer Solutions is committed to helping our Sage 50c customers get the most from their hybrid cloud, state-of-the-art accounts solution. And Sage Training from DB Computer Solutions empowers your staff to leverage the collaborative power of this innovative Sage software.

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