Sage Announces Sage 200c Winter Release January 2018

Sage Announces Sage 200c Winter Release, January 2018

Sage now delivers multiple updates throughout the year for revolutionary Sage 200c. In the upcoming Sage 200c Winter Enhancement for 2018 (scheduled for release in January 2018), users of Sage 200c will benefit from:

  • Sage Bank Feeds Enhancement – create high-quality rules that automatically match bank transactions with transactions in Sage 200c. This new enhancement will increase transactional management productivity and accuracy.

  • Sage Contact – view key financial data about your contacts in Microsoft Outlook

  • Improved Budget Reporting – based on user feedback, the enhancement simplifies the management of budget history, check budgets, and budgets v actual.

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Bank Feeds enhancements
  • Bank balances and transaction details will be available in near/real time once the customer has authorised their bank to do so.

  • Direct bank feeds from the top high street banks flow straight into Sage 200 creating transactions within the bank feeds form.

  • Users can create rules that enable automated matching, check and authorise transactions.

  • Adoption of Yodlee bank feeds aggregator with Sage Bank Feeds.

  • Supporting off boarding from Sage Bank Feeds.

  • Direct bank feeds from your bank to Sage 200 coupled with user defined rules which enable automated bank reconciliation.

  • Adoption of Yodlee as part of Sage Bank feeds and Sage 200 Services Standard.

  • Secure, accurate and timely bank data flows seamlessly into Sage 200.

  • Efficient processing of banking data removing the need to manually re-key data.

  • Reduce human error by automating activity from your bank in to Sage 200.

  • Improved user experience.

  • Greater control over your data.

  • Reduced cost of entry.

Location in software       Financials
Sage Contact
  • View key financial information quickly and easily e.g. view outstanding balance, recent transactions, credit limit all within the familiar environment of Outlook.

  • Easily find additional contact records at the same customer company.

  • An Outlook plug in that pulls through the context of customers and suppliers within Microsoft O365.

  • View the information need to make decisions and answer queries without the need to leave Outlook. Liberates data to the right people without the need to be a user of Sage 200.

  • Work and collaborate anywhere with trusted applications such as Microsoft Outlook.

  • Avoid the errors, duplications and omissions that occur with multiple separate contact lists.

Location in software       Outlook
Docs to anywhere
  • Introduced the ability to save documents and files to any configured location:

  • Document storage is available for a set of user defined reports.

  • In addition to the user specified production action (print, e-mail) a pdf version of the report will be stored silently to the chosen location. This is invoked when any print, e-mail, quick print button is used to produce an Invoice or Credit, either directly, or from preview.

  • Configuration settings that allow customers to automate document storage to a location of their choice such as server, One Drive or Dropbox.
  • Automated document storage.

  • Fast effective cloud storage so documents can be retrieved anytime.

Location in software       Financials & Commercials
Budget history
  • Allows a user of Sage 200 to record multiple versions of a budget.

  • All versions of budgets are available for reporting.

  • When a budget is amended the system keeps a copy of the original budget as well as the revised.
  • Quick and easy budget management.

  • Reduce human error by removing need to re-key information.

  • Greater usability.

Location in software       Financials & Commercials
Check Budgets
  • Allows the user to check the outstanding budget they have and what commitments are already in place when they are raising Purchase Orders.
  • Validation of committed costs.
  • Greater control of the overall spend by enabling decision making at the point of order entry.
Location in software       Commercials
Budget versus actuals report
  • Enables users to effectively track budgets and variances.
  • New Excel report available as part of Excel Reporting for Sage 200 within Services Extra.
  • Greater tracking and analysis of budget.
Location in software Excel reporting for Sage 200 (Sage 200 Services Extra).
Cost centre and department contacts
  • Users can now enter contact name, phone number and e-mail details against cost centres and departments.
  • Record and track contacts per department or cost centre.
  • Ability to email budget reports to the cost centre owner.

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