Sage Barcode Drives Efficiency with Accurate Stock Tracking

DB Computer Solutions, one of Ireland’s most experienced Sage Business Partners, has developed Sage Barcode, an innovative application that enables users to accurately track critical stock.

Fully integrated with Sage 50, Sage 50c, Sage 200 and Sage 200c, Sage Barcode automatically migrates scanned barcode data to these accounting systems for full stock visibility, accountability, and control.


Users of Sage Barcode print out unique barcode labels which are affixed to each unit of stock. When barcodes are scanned by a handheld device, data including item type, part number, location (warehouse bay / shelf number and similar), work process (inbound stock item, outbound stock item, work in progress, job type and number, and related data) can be used for a variety of purposes.  For instance, data obtained from Sage Barcode can drive ERP or JIT processes; can help to track specific assembly stages; accurately track stock / part quantities; and keep close tabs on locations.

Increased Efficiency

Sage Barcode is most often used by assemblers, manufacturers and service organisations that need to keep a close eye on critical stock. As an example:

  • A manufacturing company (DoWell Ltd) takes delivery of 100 sprockets. The warehouse operator creates 100 barcodes and applies them to each sprocket.

  • As part of barcode creation, unique data is assigned including part description, part number and price. The operator places all sprockets on one pallet and stores it in Warehouse Bay C, location 2.

  • Data is automatically transferred to Sage accounts. Sage captures all data mentioned above. It also adds the additional 100 sprockets to the existing sprocket quantity balance. In that DoWell already had 6 sprockets, the new balance is 106.

  • DoWell receives a customer order for Finished Product AAA. To manufacture the product requires 10 sprockets. The Warehouse operator receives the pick list. He notes that the item is located in Bay C, location 2. Rather than search the entire warehouse for the part, he efficiently locates Bay C and withdraws 10 sprockets from stock. He scans them as he does so. He delivers the 10 sprockets to the manufacturing floor and places them in Stock Bin 5. He scans the parts again. All data from the above process is migrated to Sage.

  • Sage notes the new quantity of unallocated stock (now 96). It also notes that the 10 sprockets have been assigned to the Finished Product AAA order, and are located in Bin 5.

  • The process above is carried out for every single item required for Finished Product AAA order.

  • When Finished Product AAA is fully manufactured, a new barcode is created. The barcode notes when the product was finished and where it is located in the warehouse.

  • The barcode is scanned when the product leaves DoWell. It is scanned again when it is delivered to the end customer.

With the data derived from the above process, managers of DoWell can consult their Sage Accounts system to drill down into this specific job.  They have been able to track every part within the warehouse / manufacturing environment throughout the workflow, and all the way to customer delivery.

They know the total direct costs of all parts required to manufacture this particular customer order. Because they also know the sales price, they can easily derive gross profit.

The quantities of all parts in stock are continually monitored. This prevents a stock out scenario which could disrupt manufacturing, and annoy existing customers by resulting in late orders.


Sage Barcode can also be used for a wide range of other purposes and workflows. For instance, a medical company uses Sage Barcode to track vital drugs in its care, all the way from receipt from the manufacturer, right to the patient. In this scenario, Sage Barcode helps to deliver a better patient care experience, while also reinforces quality control by exactly tracking the date drugs have been received, which lot number, and which supplier.

“Sage Barcode integrated with Sage Accounting delivers unprecedented efficiency,” says Ian Cumiskey, Managing Director, DB Computer Solutions. “With Sage Barcode, you’ll never lose stock again.”

For more information on Sage Barcode see Sage Barcode from DB Computer Solutions. Or contact DB Computer Solutions Tel: 061 480 980 Email:

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