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Learn how a distribution company eliminated most manual processes and increased efficiency with Sage Barcode from DB Computer Solutions, as well as related solutions



A large Dublin-based distributor was undergoing dynamic growth. Responsible for the importing of hundreds of thousands of individual products per annum across a range of hundreds of product lines, the company knew that range and sales volumes would increase by almost 100 percent over the next 5 years.

However, it was concerned that existing software and systems were not in a position to handle that growth. Current importing, warehousing, tracking and distribution processes were mostly manual, and therefore inefficient. End-customer order taking was also manually-based. Additionally, the company’s TAS accounting system was coming to end of life and vital management reporting of stock, stock locations, fulfilment, and similar did not provide the detail or accuracy it desired.

To meet new requirements, the company turned to DB Computer Solutions.

“We needed a turnkey, integrated solution that provided robust, best-of-breed accounting, barcoding, and end-customer order taking capabilities,” the company’s Financial Controller stated, “and we needed that solution at a cost-effective price.”

The Integrated Solution

DB Computer Solutions worked closely with distribution company management to understand their exacting requirements. Following that, they proposed a recommendation and roadmap for a fully integrated solution. Components included:

  • Sage 50c Accounting and Management software – to replace end-of-life TAS software

  • DB Computer Solutions I.T. Support Services – to migrate existing data from the old system to new Sage 50c, and to support the balance of deployment and testing

  • Sage Barcode from DB Computer Solutions – integrated with Sage 50c, to accurately track products throughout their lifecycle: from initial order to warehousing, to end-customer delivery

  • Sage Order Pal from DB Computer Solutions – again integrated with Sage 50c, which enabled end-customers to place orders directly, and efficiently, with the distribution company.

  • Sage Training from DB Computer Solutions – provides training to help get distribution back office staff up and running in no time.

Efficiency for Cost-saving Productivity

With the new integrated solution, the distribution company has put in place systems and workflow processes that will meet its needs for years to come, and handle ever-growing volumes.

Sage 50c now manages all aspects of the company’s accounting and management requirements. Easy to implement and learn, the solution provides accuracy and detailed management information to meet critical needs.

Sage Barcode provides the simple to execute barcode requirement that today replaces all previous manual tasks. When a product is ordered, that order is keyed into Sage 50c together with product information. When the product is imported and received on site, a Sage Barcode is printed by staff and applied to the received product. Barcode data incorporates product name, name of importer, pricing data, and warehouse location. That data is scanned by warehouse staff and transmitted to Sage 50c. When the product is moved to another point in the warehouse, or despatched to end-customers, the barcode is again scanned to update product stock levels, warehouse location, and similar.

Sage Order Pal is used by the distributor’s end-customers to place frequent orders by simply using an  Order Pal tool. Integrated with Sage 50c, Sage Order Pal automatically tracks these orders, opens appropriate purchase orders and pick lists, implements accurate invoicing, and updates management and accounting information.

With the integrated solution from DB Computer Solutions, the distribution company has achieved outstanding benefits.

“We have achieved a cost-effective thread between the ordering of products from our import suppliers, placing them in stock, client ordering processes, and the sales interface and delivery of products on a time-effective basis to our end-customers,” says the Financial Controller. “Most manual processes have been entirely replaced.

“The solutions recommended, deployed, and now supported by DB Computer Solutions have increased efficiency, productivity, and contribute substantially to our bottom-line.”

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