Sage Barcode from DB Computer Solutions

Sage Barcode from DB Computer Solutions for the Power of Integrated Stock Control

By integrating Sage Barcode from DB Computer Solutions with Sage 50c or Sage 200c, you get the power of real-time stock control. Meaning you have the insight of knowing:

  • How much stock you have across every product line
  • Exactly where that stock is located: from the moment it enters your warehouse, to exactly which warehouse bay, pallet or bin, to its location along any process for manufacturing, distribution, or assembly line

With Sage Barcode: apply a barcode to a stock item as it enters your warehouse. Scan the item with exact product and location information. Migrate that data in real time to Sage 50c or Sage 200c.

Then track that item every time it moves, all the way out the door, sending that updated information to your Sage accounting software. And when it is finally despatched from your operation (either as part of an assembly / manufacturing process or as a single item), the product is scanned a final time, updating Sage to know it’s no longer in your warehouse.

With Sage Barcode, integrated with Sage 50c or Sage 200c, you’ll never lose stock again. You’ll also increase efficiency and productivity, while reducing costs, because you’ll always be certain of how much stock you have, and where it is.

In short, you’ll never have to purchase unnecessary stock because you’ll be able to use everything you have in-house.

See how you can benefit by reading our Use Case study:

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