Packaging Company Meets Complex Pharmaceutical Barcode Needs with Big Power at Modest Investment

The Challenge

A local Irish packaging company had a uniquely puzzling challenge. Recently approached by a pharmaceutical manufacturer, this large potential customer had what seemed a simple task:  to box, store, then ship highly valuable drugs.

Unfortunately, the task grew more complex. The barcode to be created by the packaging company and applied to the outer box must hold detailed information in addition to standard stock location data. That additional data requirement included:

  • Name of drug
  • Manufacturer
  • Batch number
  • Serial number
  • Date of manufacture

The company’s current barcode and accounting systems did not have the capacities to create such complex barcodes or to store that rich, relevant data. It appeared the only way to meet the new customer’s requirements was to install new systems – an expensive process that was not economically viable.

Fortunately, the packaging company learned there was another way.

Sage Barcode from DB Computer Solutions Delivers Big Power

DB Computer Solutions audited the packaging company’s legacy systems. It noted that the company already used Sage 50. To meet the packaging firm’s requirements – and the needs of the potential pharmaceutical which it hoped to serve – DB Computer Solutions engineers advised the installation of enhanced Sage Barcode from DB Computer Solutions.

Today, the packaging company creates deep data-driven barcodes to meet precise requirements. That data includes everything their pharmaceutical customer demands including drug name, name of manufacturer, batch and serial number, date of manufacture, and warehouse storage location. Because Sage Barcode is tightly integrated with Sage 50, data can be migrated seamlessly for storage and management.

With the barcode created and applied to the outer, packaging company staff scan the barcode, transmitting data instantly to Sage 50.

When the box is shipped, staff scans the barcode again. Transmitted data logs the date of despatch, matches it with the shipping order, and deducts the box from stock on hand, for a full audit trail.

The Significant Benefits

With Sage Barcode from DB Computer Solutions, the packaging company drives new business with:

  • The creation of data-rich barcodes to store information demanded by its customers on Sage 50

  • The ability to serve the unique needs of an even broader prospective customer base

  • A cost effective solution which avoids the need to purchase expensive enterprise-level barcode and accounting systems, or other significant capital outlays

For More Information

If you need the benefits of Big Power barcode systems that integrate tightly with existing Sage 50 accounting systems, we hope you’ll contact us.

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