Sage CRM Builder

Sage CRM Builder

Lets You Tailor Sage CRM for Just About Anything

With Sage CRM Builder your business can tailor Sage CRM from DB Computer Solutions to help plan, execute and manage just about anything. With Sage CRM, your business can:

  • Plan Events
  • Run Training Courses
  • Manage Products and Equipment
  • Oversee Key Business Projects
  • Track Competitors

What’s more, Sage CRM is a cloud-enabled solution. Which means you can access important data from just about anywhere using a laptop, smart phone, or other mobile device.

With Sage CRM Builder, you can tailor Sage CRM to your exact requirements. And you don’t have to be a techie to do it. Sage CRM grows as your business grows, enabling you to adapt and extend functionalities to help harness all company resources to drive further opportunities, profits and more growth.

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