Sage CRM from DB Computer Solutions for Centralized Contact Control Efficiency

Today’s world calls for increased communications efficiency, a vital component to maintain customer loyalty and internal process productivity.

Sage CRM from DB Computer Solutions delivers single point of contact control for all internal and external communications:

  • Customers – complete communications histories allow your teams to react quickly to your customers orders and concerns. Gain quick access to orders, sales invoices, follow-ups, and  related critical information. With Sage CRM, integrated with Sage 200 / 200cloud and Sage 50 / 50c, monitor sales, targets, and individuals to ensure you can compete.
  • Internal Teams – leverage your human resources throughout your organization for increased efficiency and productivity. Sage CRM enables you to better coordinate manufacturing, assembly, warehousing, service, and other processes. Track all communications histories, and critical data, to enable you to thrive in these challenging times.

For more information on Sage CRM from DB Computer Solutions, contact  us:                    061 480980

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