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Manage every existing – and new – customer relationship with centralized Sage CRM control

Do you want to gain control of customer – and prospect – information?

Get Control: If your business stores critical documents and communications (like emails) in inaccessible silos of IT infrastructure, wouldn’t you increase efficiency, productivity and profits with a Single-Point-of-Contact, Centralized system?

Often, employees use a variety of methods to keep track of critical documents and communications. Some may use Excel. Others email using a personal account. Or Word documents or handwritten notes.

And all of these might be stored on silos of IT infrastructure not wired in to your network (think standalone laptops, computer towers, mobile phones, and tablets). Which means:

Your company has no method of accessing these critical pieces of information – important information like customer contact histories, pipelines of new customer sales contact data, contracts, on-site engineering reports, and many more.

And if an employee leaves? This data may be lost forever.

Sage CRM Delivers Centralised Control

Sage CRM from DB Computer solutions eliminates inaccessible silos of data. With centralized access across computer networks, and because Sage CRM can be integrated with, and Professional Accounts, authorized users can instantly access complete histories of critical documents:

Everything from email to Word documents, contracts to service histories, sales calls to marketing information, customer-specific sales invoices to purchases and credit histories:

It’s all in one place. Read on to find out more about Sage CRM from DB Computer Solutions. Want even more information? Check out our Sage CRM flyer from DB Computer Solutions.


Sage CRM Benefits

  • A Single Place for all Communications
  • Dispense with Silos of Inaccessible Information and Data
  • Shared Access Across Departments for Effective Collaboration
  • Sales & Marketing Activities - immediately more effective for higher conversion rates
  • Increased Field Efficiency - streamline field teams (sales, engineers, and similar) for higher service levels
  • Avoid duplication of work; eliminate multiple data entry; never again lose a critical document
  • Leverage all company resources
  • Integrate with Sage 50c / Sage 200 for instant access to important financials (invoices, purchases, credit approval, and similar)
  • Future-proofed with continual upgrades
  • Users experience significant increases in efficiency, productivity, market share and profitability

Perfect for Many Organisations
  • Most users have 2 or more sales, or field sales / engineers
  • Access hundreds of thousands of documents / critical data
  • Used by companies across many industries: services, manufacturing, assembly, warehousing, sales organisations... the list goes on and on

Centralised Data Drives Instant Response To Customers Sage CRM is much more than a sales tool. Its powerful performance connects multiple departments (such as customer service, sales, marketing, finance & accounting, and even production and fulfilment) to a single centralised customer database. By providing your employees with instant access to all customer information, Sage CRM delivers the agility and fast response times your business needs to:
  • Respond instantly to customer queries and orders for increased sales and loyalty
  • Send and track email campaigns using MailChimp
  • Work from anywhere with Sage Mobile CRM
  • Maximise sales pipelines for increased revenues and profits
  • Track progress against your KPI's using Business Accelerators for Sales
  • Minimise time to market for new product and product launch activities
  • Forget a network among all your employees to focus on the customer first

And Drives Customer Service Excellence

With Sage CRM, your employees - located in all relevant departments - have instant access to critical customer information:

  • Name, address and contact details
  • Complete communications histories across multiple channels
  • Complete order histories
  • Detailed accounting information including outstanding invoices, credit histories, and sales histories
  • Current orders not yet delivered, as well as order status
  • A pipeline of prospective future sales
With this information your employees can answer customer queries right now, not later, helping to increase goodwill and deliver the services your customers demand.

Web-based Agility for Anytime / Anywhere Team Management

Sage CRM works through an internet browser. Together with Sage Mobile CRM, the powerful Sage CRM solution takes full advantage of Web-based global technologies to facilitate anytime / anywhere access to critical customer information. Easy to use, and with the ability to tailor the solution to meet specific business needs, Sage CRM can be integrated into all aspects of your business. Some examples include:
  • Instantly assign and receive critical actions to/from employees (such as Emergency Customer Service)
  • Easily update customer data, action items, status, and follow-up
  • Create service logs for field visits. Track hours worked, products used, and update the central database for management review - and quick invoicing
  • Easily cross-sell additional products to your existing customers
  • Establish teams to proactively sell in new products
Sage CRM acts as a 'team leader', harnessing individual and combined efforts throughout and across sales, marketing and support departments, and making people, groups, and departments more efficient in pursuit of your overall business goals.
More Benefits With Sage CRM Sage CRM is used by over 15,000 businesses across 70 countries to drive Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, and ERP workflows. With Sage CRM, users are achieving outstanding benefits: Fully Integrated For Outstanding Performance Sage CRM can be fully integrated with other software solutions to meet your specific business requirements and objectives. Sage CRM can be integrated with a wide-range of software solutions:
  • Sage 50 and Sage 50c
  • Sage 200 Standard and Sage 200 Professional
With full integration, Sage CRM acts as a centralised data administrator, enabling users to access critical customer- centric information to better manage processes and workflows. Additional Capabilities Sage CRM can also be used to manage a wide range of other business activities:
  • Plan events
  • Run training courses
  • Manage products and equipment
  • Manage field sales
  • Oversee key business projects
  • Track competitors

Sage CRM: What's In It?

Sage CRM includes a variety of Modules including Sales, Marketing, and Customer Care. All modules can be seamlessly integrated with Sage 50, Sage 50c, Sage 200, and Sage 200c:

Sage CRM Sales

Sage CRM Sales helps to maximise sales performance, offering your sales people swift and easy access to vital information. Sage CRM Sales provides hourly and daily updates on your sales team's performance. The system helps to manage and organise teams and their objectives, and schedules calls and meetings.

By tracking prospects from first contact to closure, Sage CRM ensures that appropriate time and energy is spent on those prospects most likely to close. View the Sales Datasheet to find out more or watch the video.

Sage CRM Customer Care

Sage CRM Customer Care provides you with a record of every customer interaction, as well as offering your customers 24/7 web access to customer portals via your company's website. The solution provides live information on all of your customers, as well as offering each of your customers a platform for logging queries and viewing the status of their requests.

This module of Sage CRM will help you to track turnaround time, enabling you to measure transactions and understand which requests are taking longer to resolve and why.

Sage CRM Service Module From Db Computer Solutions

Does your business employ field sales or service staff? Are they using manual docket books to fulfil Sales Orders or complete Service Reports? How long does it take before that docket becomes an invoice in your client's hand? Using the DB Computer Solution Service Module and Sage CRM, your field service and sales employee can generate vital documents before they leave a customer's premises. Customizable layouts enable employees to capture all information on site, record a signature, and email a PDF of the completed document direct to the customer. They can also generate a Sales Order / Invoice in real time for your accounting staff to review before mailing on to your customer. The Service Module maximizes customer goodwill and loyalty with quick, efficient sales and delivery services.

Do you want to know more about Sage CRM Integrated Service Manager and its many capabilities?

Sage CRM Business Accelerators

With Sage CRM Business Accelerators, you can view and analyse critical KPIs to track and manage your important activities:

  • View data from across your company on two new Management dashboards
  • Evaluate the performance of your business with Sales KPIs for Managers
  • Measure your company's progress using Sales Metrics for Managers
  • Act on a range of preconfigured alerts and notifications
  • Save time with new alternative sales workflows
  • Gain greater insight on new management dashboards
  • Analyse sales campaign activities with new KPI charts
  • Email quote information as a PDF in just one click

Sage Mobile CRM

With the addition of Sage CRM for iPhone and Sage CRM for Android, your employees can instantly access customer information held in your Sage CRM database - from anywhere, at anytime. With Sage Mobile CRM authorised users can:

  • Schedule and manage important account activities on smartphones and tablets
  • View communications histories between customers and your business
  • Update customer information on the road

Sage Mobile CRM provides the agility and flexibility to drive customer service excellence for increased goodwill and quick response.

Sage CRM Builder

Adapt and extend Sage CRM to manage any area of your business. See the video to learn how easy-to-use Sage Builder delivers the flexibility you need to leverage every business opportunity.

DB Computer Solutions Re-engineers Sage CRM for Exact Needs

DB Computer Solutions is Ireland's leading authorised Sage Partner, and one of the most experienced Sage CRM solutions providers in Ireland. DB Computer Solutions Consultancy and engineering teams work with our nationwide customers to understand precise requirements, and re-engineer Sage CRM to meet those exact needs. Additionally, we work closely with our customers to roadmap and deploy all solutions, integrate Sage CRM with other Sage, OEM, or bespoke applications, and deliver comprehensive training.

Ellipse 64-c Latest Releases

Sage CRM 2019 R1

On February 4, 2019, we announced the latest release of Sage CRM, version 2019 R1. This latest development comes with major enhancements, enabling your business to better harness organisational resources. New features / enhancements include:


View all your tasks and appointments in the calendar. Each Sage CRM user can view a complete list of tasks and appointments in My CRM | Calendar List. By default, the list isn't filtered and shows all tasks and appointments from the moment when the user was created in Sage CRM.

Document Drop

Using Document Drop on custom entities, users accessing Sage CRM with Microsoft Internet Explorer can now use the ActiveX Document Drop plugin to attach documents to custom entity records.

Email And Sms

File emails with an empty To or From field. Now users can use the Outlook Plugin to file emails where To and/or From field is empty. Previously an error occurred when a user tried to file such an email.

Escalation Rules

Descriptive values in the Updated By field. When an escalation rule updates a record, the Updated By field now shows a descriptive value indicating that the update was performed by the Escalation Service. Previously in this scenario the Updated By field included a non-informative value (for example, -1 or -2).

Quick Find

Quick Find cache and index improvements. Quick Find has been optimized for a scenario where a system administrator adds more entities to the Quick Find index. Now Quick Find immediately includes the newly-added entities in the search index and returns them in search results. Previously Quick Find could return incomplete search results in the described scenario.


Increased security for user passwords. Sage CRM 2019 R1 uses the bcrypt algorithm to generate hashes for user passwords. Bcrypt adds a salt (a random string of characters) to each password hash before storing it in the database.

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