Sage is Changing Sage CRM to Subscription Pricing

Sage is Changing Sage CRM to Subscription Pricing
—Act Now to Purchase Extra Sage CRM Perpetual User Licenses at the Old Price and Save Big—

From 1 March 2021, Sage is making a change to Subscription Pricing for Sage CRM. This means that the cost for EXTRA user licences rises significantly. If you require extra user licences for your Sage CRM, now is the time to act.

(IMPORTANT NOTE: Your existing annual licence costs that you now pay for Sage CRM will NOT change as a result of this new Subscription Pricing model. The new Pricing Model only affects EXTRA user licences you order after 1 March 2021.)

Why You Should Act Now

Take Advantage of the Old Rate: By registering for extra licences before 1 March 2021, your business will be charged the current perpetual license rate. The current cost for an extra Sage CRM perpetual licence is:

Year 1: €660 plus VAT        Year 2: €66 plus VAT      Year 3: €66 plus VAT

Compare it to the New Subscription Rate: If you act after 1 March 2021, the new Subscription Rate applies, and you will be charged at the following rates:

Year 1: €480 plus VAT      Year 2: €480 plus VAT      Year 3: €480 plus VAT

By ordering extra perpetual licences now, your company will save €648 plus VAT over 3 years for each perpetual licence purchased.

To Order Sage CRM Extra User Perpetual Licences

Contact Howard Murphy at DB Computer Solutions to order additional licences at the perpetual licence rate. Act now! Orders after 31 Jan 2021 must be processed using the new Subscription Licence rate listed above.

061 480980

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